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Windows 11 for Gaming: Which Version is the Best?

When Windows 11 came out, many users came into the question that what is the best version of Windows 11 for gaming. In this regard, we need to compare different versions of Windows 11 to see which version is the best for gaming. Here, in this article, we will tell you to choose the best version for gaming if you have Windows 11.

Will Upgrading Operating System Increase Your Gaming Performance?

Windows 11 provides user interface and quality-of-life changes, but till now, Microsoft believes Windows 11 operating system is the best for gaming. Part of this integration is gaming-centric options into the Windows Settings, and another one is the baked-in Xbox Game Bar.

We tested Windows 11 and 10 on different systems to check whether it is worth to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 for gaming or not. We ran the same features in this two Windows to show the differences.   

The results showed that based on the gaming performance, so there is no reason for not moving to Windows 11. In this test, none of the games performed worse in Windows 11, and a few of them also have better frame rates.

Some of the new features in Windows 11 had their ups and downs. Build-in Game Bar is another great feature of Windows 11 although we had some problems regarding the built-in footage capture to work properly, and we had some conflicts regarding streaming.

Streaming by Discord had some major lag on Windows 11 on the viewer’s end. We are not the only one who have seen this, but some community troubleshooting threads suggests turning the GPU hardware scheduling off.

Some issues like this are different from system to system, and we hope to be solved with feature updates. The experiments with mild improvements results in the claim of Microsoft that this is the best operating system for gaming. What we have seen is that Windows 11 in the worst situation is neutral in performance.

What Are the Gaming Variables in Windows 11?

There are some gaming features in Windows 11 that they are necessary to mention.

In the main Windows 11 setting under the Gaming tab, there is a new feature known as Game Mode. The operating system says that you should turn things off in the background to optimize your system for play.

Microsoft support page mentions that Game Mode will not allow the drivers install in the background, and it helps you achieve a more stable frame rate based on the specific game and system. These are the claims by Microsoft that there is a remarkable difference in the results.

What’s more, under the display settings, (in the setting, choose Display Graphics and select the text, which says change default graphics settings) you can see some options for hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling and variable refresh rate that the former said that it decreased the latency and develops performance, while the letter is essentially forced universal V-Sync. These two options effect on gaming.

What Are the Testing Results of Synthetic Benchmark and Real-World Games?

Let’s take a look at the results.

The first table shows the result of the two 3DMark tests:

Here, the scores are close together but they are not the same. Windows 11 is the best by 74 points on Time Spy and 239 points on Night Raid. This is not what we usually see in the gap than between two different laptops, and it is normally outside of the variance we usually see from run to run on the same laptop. 

Finally, there isn’t a practical gap in raw power, and it is not much in your everyday gaming, but no one is going to turn down extra juice. We could repeat this advantage with repeated runs. Therefore, between the gap’s existence and that, the results aren’t valuable. It doesn’t change anything much, but this is a great sign if you were worried that Windows 11 can decrease this type of performance.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows From 10 to 11?

Most gamers prefer Windows OS than macOS since Microsoft has improved the products with gaming, so we need to know whether Windows 11 different from Windows 10?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. Windows 11 will help you to develop your experiences in gaming. One of the positive points is that Windows 11 supports the newest gaming technologies, which were only available for Xbox users, but these technologies is not supported by Windows 10.

The option of Game Mode which is available in Windows 10 to run newer games is also available in Windows 11, but it is improved more than Windows 10. Besides freeing up the CPU, Windows 11 limits the background activity and gives you more space, so you can play your game without any trouble.

Windows 11 will provide some gaming features, which are new like Auto-HDR, DirectStorage, and a built-in Xbox application. In the following part, we are going to tell you all about these features that they can improve your gaming experience.


Gaming developers announced the HDR feature for the latest generation consoles in 2017, but only few games support HDR. Auto-HDR was developed by Microsoft, which changes each game to an HDR experience until the display supports this feature.

If you have an HDR monitor, Windows 11 will detect it and turn on Auto-HDR automatically to experience your games in a new level. Colors will be real and live, and they increase your visual gaming experience.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is the introductory between two applications and it helps them work better. Direct Storage is an API that it mediates between GPU and SSD, which means that GPU can process and decompress game data without considering CPU. It makes the time of loading shorter.

Before DirectStorage, the API should send the game data from the RAM to the CPU for processing and decompression, and after that it will return to the RAM and then to the GPU to project and render the data. DirectStorage skips these steps and directly sends these compressed data to the GPU. Thus, GPU should compress, process, and project it quickly.

When DirectStorage is combined with an NVMe SSD, the process will be faster, then the GPU will not be in pressure, and the CPU will be free to deal with other tasks. DirectStorage is only for Windows 11, and it will not be available for Windows 10 future updates.

Built-in Xbox Application

Windows 11 has some built-in features like it has the Xbox App and Xbox Game Pass. It connects the entire Windows ecosystem to a system. But before that, you need to download the Xbox Companion app separately from PlayStore to connect to your system with the Xbox system. The Game Pass gives subscribers to access immediately to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is in the Beta development phase, but you should already log in and play some of the most wanted game titles. Just you need a good internet connection, desktop or a laptop.

Optimized Start Menu

This feature may not be a reason to worry about for those who use their system only for gaming because this feature is not related to games. If you use your system for professional goals or other entertainment purposes besides gaming, it is a neat feature.

The features of Start Menu of Windows 11 are that it is flexible and optimized. It can connect to different programs and navigate between application. The size of the Start Menu can be changed based on your needs. This feature is more important for tablet users since they don’t like to oversize the Start Menu. It is because it takes up a large portion of the lower screen. On the other hand, it is helpful for gamers and gameplay streamers.

What Are the Differences Between Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro?

Now you know that Windows 11 is a better option for games, but here the question is which version of it should you choose. In the following part, we are going to tell you the differences between two versions of the operating system and how they can affect on the gaming experience.


The major difference between Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro is their CPU. The Home version of Windows 11 only supports one CPU with 64 cores, but the Pro version of Windows 11 supports two CPUs with up to 128 cores. But it doesn’t mean that Pro version is better for gaming.

The resource management will become easy during the dame, so two CPUs are really unnecessary. Using DirectStrage shows that a CPU has the capability of running games smoothly.


Another difference between these two versions is their RAM. Windows 11 can support larger RAM sizes. The Home version of Windows 11 can support up to 128GB RAM, and the Pro version of Windows 11 can support up to 2TB.

You must know that 128GB is great for gaming, so the Home edition of Windows 11 will be enough for you if you don’t use your system for any purpose other than entertainment.

Security Features

The Pro version Windows 11 comes the first when we talk about the security. It has BitLocker in which you can turn it on and encrypt your hard disk. Therefore, your data will be protected, and no one can see or steal its content.

When you encrypt your hard drive, you must have the password or the recovery key to access to data. It means that in the case that your PC is stolen, you shouldn’t worry about your data on it.

But this feature is not available on Windows 11 Home. It may be beneficial for you to make your work safe if you are the professional gamer. For others, a good antivirus and a VPN are enough. 


If you just do updates to increase gaming performance, you must aware of how Windows updates work. It is not due to the version of your Windows, they receive updates as needed in both Home and Pro version.

The Cost

Upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11 Home is free, but the Pro version costs $200, in the case you update or buy a new license.

If you use your system for professional purposes besides gaming, you need to invest for the version because all the additional features are worth the price. If you just use your system for gaming, searching and everyday work, you don’t need to pay for the new version of operating system.

Windows 11 Home provides all the new features for gaming but at no cost. It means that Home version of Windows 11 is the best one for gamers when you want to choose between the two versions.

What Are the Features of Windows 11 Enterprise?

Windows 11 Enterprise is developed strictly for business. It needs a volume license agreement, and it is not possible to buy an OEM key for it. It is not designed for customers but for companies.

Windows 11 Enterprise has all the features of Home and Pro version, but it has some additional features specifically for business. It means that if you have Windows 11 Enterprise, you can play games like the versions of Windows 11.

You must know that Enterprise is the most expensive version, but if you use your system for both entertainment and work, it is not a bad option, but you have to give this new version of operating system some extra permissions to run games.

Which Version Is the Best for Gaming?

If you want to use your system for gaming, the operating systems has the same features whether you choose the Home, Pro, or Enterprise edition. No additional features will bring a different gaming experience. But we can say that Windows 11 Home has all the features you need as a gamer.

Windows 11 Home is an excellent choice for everyone because it has all new gaming features, and it costs nothing if you want to update from Windows 10. It is designed for customers and it is the best option for many people.

It doesn’t mean that the Pro and Enterprise are the worst versions. They just provide features that they aren’t essential for gamers and they cost more. If you use your system for work and entertainment, feel free to use Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise.


Today, in this world, we can see many gamers trying to develop their gaming experience. So, for Windows 11 users, it is necessary to know which version of Windows is the best for gaming. In this article, we presented the features of different versions of Windows, and tell you what to do to improve your gaming experience.

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