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Why Windows is Better Than Mac? 7 Key Factors to Consider

For many decades, Windows and MacOS have their own users. Generally, both operating system gives the users the same functions, but there are some differences in these two operating systems. Many researches have focused on these operating systems and checked which one gives better performance. It asserted that Windows is much better than Mac. Some users want to know why Windows is better than Mac. In this article, we presented the reasons of better performance of Windows.

Why Windows Is Better Than Mac?

If you want to choose between Windows and Mac, you should know the differences, and check why Windows is better than Mac. We presented all the reasons that Windows is better below:

Getting Started and Logging in

These operating systems, both offer login options. You can easily sign into your Mac by your fingerprint if you use MacBook or a Magic Keyboard, and also you can log in with your iPhone or Apple Watch if they are close enough to your computer.

Note: Based on the experiences of users, it is better to enter the system password because fingerprint login sometimes does not work for some reasons.

On the other hand, Windows 11 provides logins with different biometric options. The quickest option if face login and it is available in most systems, also fingerprint reader is available on some laptops like HP Pavilion Plus 14.

If your system doesn’t have any options above, Windows will accept a PIN. It is much more convenient that a full password.

You can use Start and Menu to success your applications, settings, and documents. There is nothing like this feature in MacOS, but you can pin the most frequent applications. Another feature to page applications is the MacOS Launchpad.


MacOS provide computers some great hardware features with perfect industrial design on MacBooks, the powerful Mac Pro, optional 5K screens on iMacs. The problem is that these features are not only pricey, but also, they have variety in different Windows PCs. You can add nontraditional options such as HoloLens, VR headsets, and the Raspberry Pi that all of them can be run in Windows. Windows has a wider variety of peripherals to choose from.

There is no contest in internal components like the CPU, graphics cars and storage. Windows in comparison with MacOS provides more freedom and flexibility in configuring a system and upgrading.

Windows can run everything from powerful work stations to the tiny Raspberry Pi. According to StatCounter, 74% of computers worldwide run-on Windows. 15% is for dwarfs mscOS and the other 10% is for Linux, ChromeOS. So, Windows is one of the most ever-present operating systems in the world.

The feature of customization is also greater in Windows than Apple. It is easier for you to change a PC’s CPU, GPU, memory and storage in Windows than Apple.

One of the best features of Windows is that it can run on more devices, so you are free to choose a device, which fits your budget. As an example, you can buy one of the best laptops with Windows like Microsoft Surface Go 2 for less than $500, but choosing a device from the best Windows laptop can be a challenge for you.

Setup Experience

Both of the operating systems gives clear and polished setup processes. You can use both MacOS or Microsoft without signing in, which means missing out syncing machines, voice assistants, app roaming, messages and other great features; however, you can enrich in experiences.

If you use Windows, Microsoft allows you to install operating system using your voice, so it differentiates the process that if you use your system for personal purposes or business purposes.

It is possible to install MacOS in three different ways. The methods consider using the System Preferences, the Mac App Store, or downloading a disk image Safari.

Both Microsoft and MacOS can recognize and install drivers automatically for hardware peripherals like mice, storage and keyboard.

Included Applications

You can find a wealth of built-in utilities and applications in both Windows and applications. You can get mail clients, calculators, calendars, screenshot tools, photo and video viewers and editor, voice recorders, web browsers, applications for map, news, cameras, weather, and contacts.

Microsoft provides nifty Sticky Notes, Teams, Translator, and Xbox gaming apps. However, MacOS has a superior video editor that you can find it in iMovie, and an outstanding streaming music service in Apple Music. Also, it includes the awesome GarageBand music composition application and a full office suite that you can find it in iWork.

First-Party Applications

Both Windows and MacOS provide first-party applications and programs. You can get the basic application in both like web browser, file explorer, calendar, video editor, voice recorder, cloud-based storage, widgets and more.  

Name of office tools in both Windows and MacOS are different. Microsoft Office has Word, Excel and PowerPoint, while Apple’s iWork suite has Numbers, Pages and Keynote. It is definitely hard to say which operating system provides better office tools. The usage of Microsoft Office is more than iWork since Windows machines are more in the world, but iWork is completely free.

Third-Party Applications

It is possible to download third-party applications on both Windows and MacOS through web or platforms of downloading application.

Although the Mac App Store is more essential than Microsoft Store, but both operating systems can support a variety of programs. You can download different applications from App Stores or you can download these applications directly from the web. However, you can find a variety of software in Windows more than Mac versions.

Although every software on Windows can be run on MacOS, you need to make an effort if you simulate a Windows environment on your Mac. So, you need to check which software you need in your system and whether this software is available on Microsoft, MacOS or both of them.

Security, safety and Stability

Windows devices have been attacked by more malware, ransomware, spyware, botnets and old-fashioned viruses than Mac in recent years, but Windows always reinforce its security, forcing Windows Defender updates and also providing anti-ransomware measures. Microsoft has done an admirable job by releasing security updates in recent years, but they are in danger of a great volume of attacks.

Although Macs have a better record in comparison with Windows, but it doesn’t mean that they are immune to vulnerabilities. You just need to take a look at the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that effect on both Windows and MacOS. It is recommended to use antivirus software on both Mac and Windows.

Both Windows and MacOS provide their users built-in VPN support and all of PCMag’s top VPN service choices are available on both platforms.

The other issue is stability that MacOS wins on this part since Apple controls the hardware ecosystem. You can see blue screens on Microsoft’s own Surface computers, which means the ultimate instability.


It is not necessary for hard-core gamers to check this part. Although there are many games available on MacOS and a version of Steam for the platform, Mac devices don’t let the level of internal component customization. This option is possible in PC Gaming.

There are many top-level titles on Steam that fit with Windows more than MacOS when we talk about game.

Also, PlayStation games are available on Windows with Sony PlayStation and it is possible to stream games to your system through the Xbox application. Any game that you buy on Microsoft Store can be loaded on your PC or even Xbox console like exclusive games like Cuphead, both Forza series, the Halo series, Gears of War and Sea of Thieves.

All in all, if you want to do games seriously on your system, Macs will not be enough. Although MacOS provides Apple Arcade and Stream store, it is not comparable in this part with Windows platforms. When some factors in hardware customization let users upgrade parts like graphics cards or CPU, there is not doubt that gaming is superior on PC. Now Windows PC has the best gaming platform.

Interface Customization

Both Windows and MacOS provides freedom for customization, but the days of drastic interface fixes. Both of these operating systems provides choices in screen item sizes, desktop backgrounds, and screen savers. For example, Dark Modes are provided by both Windows and MacOS, but Mac’s version is more consistent. Windows has an option that allows you to decide whether you need dark mode or light mode for the system elements, applications or both of them.

Although both Windows and MacOS offers perfect plug-and-play multiple monitor support, Windows provides more control than MacOS. You can open windows of a program in several screen, but in MacOS a window of a program can be opened on one display.

Desktop and Windows Management

You may feel frustrated when you work with MacOS because it is hard to manage and arrange program windows while in Windows, it is easier to arrange windows on the screen based on the way you like not the way that operating system tells you.

If you want your app to take up half of the screen exactly, drag it to the left or right of the edge. If you want it to take up only a quarter of the screen, snap it to any of the screen corner. You can show or switch to the desktop with just a click on the very far right of the taskbar. There is an option in MacOS for splitting the screen between two app windows, but you cannot perform this option for all windows.

In Windows 11 windowing conveniences continue to develop with Snap Layouts that let you choose window arrangement from any program’s Maximum button. It is also the same on a tablet’s touch interface when you drag the top bar of the application to the screen to find layout choices. It is possible to use these layouts again from Taskbar icons, and if you use them on a secondary display, they are also remembered.

Taskbar vs. Dock

MacOS Dock has developed over the years with mouse-over magnification and showing the recent icons of applications.

One of the disappointing things about MacOS is that when you click a running app Dock icon, you cannot see its window on the screen sometimes since MacOS is based on document, but Windows is based on application. Thus, you can see its menu at the top when you select the app icon in the Dock. In Windows when you hit a taskbar icon, it provides the associated program.

When you hover the mouse on this icon, the Windows taskbar displays a thumbnail miniature of the program. The thing that Task Jump Lists allow you to see is recent files that opened in the app or jump to needed actions in the program. Also, MacOS have this option too.

File Explorer vs. Finder

File Explorer has improved a lot in recent Windows updates, and Quick Access is one of the new great features, which helps you find the last file you save, and it is not important what the file was or where it was saved. The folder of MacOS Finder Recent also does the same thing.

Windows File Explorer has standard libraries for common file types such as Documents, Pictures, and Music. These are different meta folders that you can add other relevant folders. MacOS doesn’t have this capability.

Finally, Windows Files Explorer reached to the level of Finder in having several tabs in a window. The option of Finder Preview allows you displays files very fast. Both Windows and MacOS show previews of documents on the right side of the Explorer/Finder window, and allow you to choose an app to open a file, or share files with right click.


The option of search is almost the same in both operating systems. Microsoft provided an always-displaying search box in the Taskbar that it was really convenient, but with Windows 11, this feature has gone.

Both Windows and MacOS have magnifying glass icons and simple keyboard shortcuts to come up with the search feature. In these operating systems local and web content can be found.

Touch, Pen, and Dictation

In MacOS you can find touch capability, but it can be found on certain MacBooks through Touch Bar. Windows had supported full touch more than a decade, and also it provided a touch-optimized interface when you switch from keyboard to touch input. You can find a good selection of convertible laptop/tablets on the market.

Another options that make Windows to win is Pen input. Also, some styles like Surface Slim Pen 2 on touch screen are supported with the capability in conversion of handwriting to text. It is possible to use a pen anywhere that you enter a text.

It is possible to use your voice to input any text in any application in both Windows and MacOS. In MacOS, you need to enable it first. After enabling voice dictation, you can use it only by double-tapping in Fn key. In Windows 10, just hold Windows key + H to find dictating.

Cortana and Siri

Microsoft and Apple have provided voice assistants for their systems. The name of voice assistant for Apple is Siri, and for Microsoft is Cortana. Before using them, you need to enable them. Both of them will appear on desktop by default.

Although Siri came on desktop a year after Cortana, Siri has surpassed Microsoft in artificial intelligence. Cortana lost the ability to control music and power down the system. Both of them can help users to open applications and get general information. 

Siri is more powerful than Microsoft when it comes to controlling system settings, and also it can be used for smart home control. Also, you can use Siri for smart home control. For Windows, there is an extra application called Alexa that you can use it for full voice activation, but for MacOS, you have artificial intelligence.

Mobile Device Integration

Windows with the application of Phone Link reached to Apple mobile-desktop integration. Now, you handle text, call and different Android applications on Windows. But still the connection between Apple desktop and mobile is strong.

Now, it is possible to use iPhone for external webcam and iPad as a secondary screen. Even you can call with FaceTime between devices.

One of the devices that Windows cannot match is Apple Watch. For instance, when you use Mac, you can unlock it when your watch is in proximity, and you will receive notifications in both devices.

With the appearance of the M1 CPUs, which run on newer Macs allow them to run iOS application. Like many Android applications that they do not run on Windows 11 subsystem, many iPhone applications are not run on iPhone section on the Mac App Store.

3D, VR, and AR Support

Some people believe that VR and AR are the future of computing with the metaverse on the verge of happening. It shows a valid criterion to consider when comparing operating systems. Windows has different applications that allow you enter this world.          

The applications of 3D Viewer and 3D Modeler allow you to view and model 3D objects in a pair of goggles or on-screen. Windows Mixed Reality Portal app works with VR headsets that it will give you a virtual portal to VR applications.                

HTC Vive Pro and Meta Quest are the most popular VR headsets that they work only with Windows. The device that runs Windows which is called HoloLens can not be forgotten.

VR support has been developed by Apple. You can use Final Cut Pro to edit 360-degree video content with external enclosure for graphics cards that they have capability of VR.         

ARKit augmented reality system works only with iOS. For years, there have been rumors about Apple that work with a VR headset, and it has nothing like HoloLens to show for it.          


Both Windows and MacOS has a good support for disable users, but Microsoft put these users at first. Both Windows and MacOS have text narration, screen magnification, Braille support, voice input and sticky and slow key entry, but Windows provides an ability for blind people that they can set up the system by their voice.  Also, in Windows, it is possible to control the computer with eyes, and come out with a line of Adaptive Accessories for alternative input.

One of the features of Windows that Microsoft provided is American Sign Language support through videophone. Also, Microsoft works with free BeMyEyes application that links blind and low vision people with volunteers for visual assistance via a live video call.

In one of the conferences of Microsoft for Blind people, one of the developers of the company, who is blind himself showed an AR application running on the HoloLens that described emotions of people to him in real time based on the expressions and they use the company’s Seeing Al technology.

It is worth saying that Microsoft has provided a highly rated Seeing Al application for Apple’s iOS.


When we talk about compatibility and device integration, none of the companies can match the ecosystem of Apple since the company has its own hardware and software. It can make devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, Homepod and Airpods work well with each other.                             

For instance, when you receive a text message on your iPhone, you can answer it on your iPad or MacBook. You can also share photos and files through different Apple devices using iCloud and AirDrop.

You can unlock your iPhone or Mac with Apple Watch when you use it closely to the device. A feature like Stage Manager let you share work through Macs and iPads. Also, the updated Continuity of Camera let you use you iPhone as a webcam.

PCs and devices with Windows are produced by different companies, the platform is not at the same level of Apple. Although you cannot share data between devices seamlessly in Windows like Apple products, some integration still exists on Windows.

Some applications like Microsoft Launch and Phone Link work with the best Android phones. With iPhone and Mac, it is possible to share files, web pages, and even SMS messages between devices.                       

Update Frequency

The number of updates that Windows receives is more than MacOS, specifically security updates. Although it is a good option that Microsoft releases security updates, it can be disappointing when you update many time in a month because they may cause issue. For instance, some updates can cause unforeseen problems. When you attempt to fix these issues, you may find more problem that they need additional patches.

On the other hand, MacOS updates does not always come out properly, but they have a better record than Windows updates. Both Microsoft and Apple release each update every year. Microsoft had introduced important updates more frequently before, but it has chosen for annual release like Apple. In Fall 2022, MacOS Ventura will be released, and at the same time the next big Windows 11 update will be released.

User Experience

MacOS is designed for most people to be intuitive. The company has a tagline which says it just works that they exist for a reason, and this all true for all Apple’s operating systems. These operating systems like iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, etc. are built with the user experience at the forefront.

Generally, Windows isn’t complicated on its surface, but in comparison with MacOS, they have a deeper well of menus and options. Although it may make troubleshooting a pain, it means that there are many solutions to any problem. MacOS is more elegant than Windows, but it doesn’t have a flexibility than what Apple allows.

MacOS Dock and Windows Taskbar are opposite each other. For example, on MacOS, when you click on the icon of application in the Dock, a window doesn’t open, but instead in the Menu Bar, you can see the applications menu at the top of the screen that can be confusing for the users of Windows who see Menu option within an application. Windows taskbar provides more options.                                 

Winner: Microsoft Windows

Both operating systems are almost the same, but generally, Windows comes first. However, you must use the operating systems based on your needs.


Many people who want to buy a new system always have some questions about both Windows and MacOS. Here, we presented the differences between Windows and MacOS to help to choose your operating system wisely. Which operating system do you prefer? Are you a fan of Microsoft or Apple company? Do you need any other differences between these two operating systems? Share your ideas with us.

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