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Using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the Same Number: 2022 Update

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application all around the world. WhatsApp has more than two billion users from all walks of life. The features like user-friendly, trustiness, and good function made it suitable for all people with official and personal goals.

WhatsApp has options like sharing your location, voice calls, video calls, and document attachments. WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Business in 2018 to expand its services.

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are different depending on their functional abilities.

Now you might ask, Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number together?

In this article, first, we describe the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, then we check to see if we can use the same number for both WhatsApp platforms.

What is the discrepancy between WhatsApp business and WhatsApp?

The most obvious thing is that people use WhatsApp for personal use, but WhatsApp business is for business owners and official use.

WhatsApp business and WhatsApp

Review in terms of platform and design

WhatsApp uses Erlang programming language and FreeBSD OS (Operating System) to develop the WhatsApp application.

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have the same platform for colloquial activities. Also, they share the same design commands too. But each of these applications has a various logo.

Review in terms of App Costs

A year after the time when WhatsApp was released, the cost of a yearly subscription was $0.99. but when Facebook bought WhatsApp, they decided to reduce the annual subscription fee.

Now you can download both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for free from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Review in terms of security

Since both applications use the feature of end-to-end- encryption for sending messages, there is no worry about security.

WhatsApp has a protocol of layers that is not accessible to third-party users. And every message is secured by this protocol. This feature warrants that each message shared in both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business reach the desired destination securely.

Every activity that you do on WhatsApp stays private there. WhatsApp is not able to hear your calls, read your messages, or reach your location details and file attachments. On the other side, business accounts can gather their client information to improve their shopping experiences.

Review in terms of Messaging Abilities

Until you adhere to the WhatsApp guidance, companies and people can send free and limitless messages in any format.

You can also send messages to 256 audiences altogether. Also, you can use the same limit for adding members to a group chat in both applications.

Review in terms of the ability to share Multimedia

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business support sharing documents, sharing location, sharing call details, and attaching voice files and pictorial files.

WhatsApp has a feature of in-chat payment which you can send and receive incomes via UPI ID. Both platforms (WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business) have this feature.

Review in terms of Contacts Labels

This feature is only available for WhatsApp Business. And it is not supported by personal WhatsApp. WhatsApp labels are in form of color-coded.

You can create a maximum of twenty labels and use them for marking your contacts or your group. This feature helps you organize the data.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number together

Review in terms of the users’ profile

Your profile in the WhatsApp Business contains a logo, business name, website address, category, product catalog, location update, a description of your business, and hours of work. While your profile in the WhatsApp Business contains your profile picture, your name, and your telephone number.

Review in terms of the message automatization

The feature of automating the messages is only available on WhatsApp Business. In the WhatsApp Business, you have 3 types of automating messages away message, quick reply, and greeting message.

This feature helps you when somebody sends a message to you or tries to interact with you. In this condition, the user will get an animated message related to message content.

Review in terms of the message automatization

Review in terms of message statistics

In WhatsApp Business, you can have accurate message statistics. You can analyze your delivered, sent, received, and read messages through predefined criteria. It is a vital element for business owners because they can analyze their account efficiency through the dashboard.

Review in terms of the ability to connect to the profile

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have a feature to connect to a profile using a QR code, click-to-chat link, or phone number. This feature is useful for both personal goals and official goals.

With the click-to-chat link, you can easily start to chat with your contact just by clicking. You can also create your own click-to-chat link on WhatsApp.

Also, you can connect to a profile by scanning a QR code. Each account has an exclusive QR code, which you can find in the settings next to your name.

The picture below shows the difference between an account in WhatsApp and WhatsApp business.

Review in terms of the ability to connect to the profile

What is WhatsApp Business API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. With API, you can connect to different platforms. Simply an API lets two or more software connect to each other.

WhatsApp has a new platform for big businesses called WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API has a lot of build bots and automation features. And it focuses on medium to large companies.

The only way to create a WhatsApp Business API is via the API which is prepared by WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP).

You can earn money depending on message sessions in WhatsApp Business API.

Some of the features of WhatsApp Business API are listed below:

  1. Connect with CRM so you can manage your chats.
  2. You can send a broadcast message to limitless groups of people.
  3. You can create an advanced analytical report.
  4. You can handle your conversations by adding multiple users.
  5. You can get a green checkmark on your WhatsApp Business account.
  6. You can integrate with third-party applications.
  7. You can create a chatbot for WhatsApp to support the customers, gather their feedback and many more!

Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number together?

You can use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone at the same time. But it is not possible to create an account in both apps with the same phone number. As soon as you create a WhatsApp Business account with your phone number registered in WhatsApp, your account in personal WhatsApp will change to a WhatsApp business account.

After taking a look at this article, we will notice that WhatsApp business has more advantages than personal WhatsApp.

Which platform of WhatsApp do you use? Do you want to try the other WhatsApp platforms?

We hope this article was helpful to you.

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