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What is the Fastest Linux Distribution? Top 5 Speedy Options

Here you are going to know everything about what is the fastest Linux distribution? so stay with us until the end.

Linux is the most well-known and popular open source operating system.

Let’s see what is the operating system?

What does the operating system do?

The operating system itself is a software that manages all the resources and hardware of the system. Just like a car engine! The car engine cannot start by itself; but when it is placed in the car, it manages the system of wheels, axles and energy transmission of the car and makes the car move.

In the system, components such as CPU, memory and information storage do not do anything by themselves; Rather, the system is managed by the operating system and the result is what you see on your computers.

Now what does open source mean?

Open source software is software whose source code is made available to users. Users can make changes in these codes and make their own version of that software.

What is meant by Linux distribution?

As we said, Linux is an open source operating system. This feature allows many developers around the world to work on different parts of this operating system and expand it.

Now many people have done this and released different versions of Linux. These versions are called Linux distributions.

In fact, you can use different distributions made by developers, according to your needs and to reach your goal more easily.

 Each type of Linux distribution is specially made for a task.

How many Linux distributions do we have?

Currently, there are nearly 600 Linux distributions. But you are not going to get your head around all these 600 Linux distributions! (If you are curious to see all these 600 versions, click here and see the map of the creation of these distributions)

Out of all these Linux versions, only a handful are more important and famous than the others.

Why Clear Linux Is Worth It?

Did you know that all popular Linux distributions can slow you down significantly?

This article will lecture about, how to display the leading Linux distributions in front of newer players.

Clear Linux

Ubuntu 21.10

Fedora 36

Before discussing Clear Linux with existing distributions, note that Linux distributions have reached the point where they are popular.

They are focused on users and are user-friendly.

Clear Linux has a higher learning curve than others, but note that it has advantages that make it worth more than the extra day spent getting started and setting up.

The best advantage of Clear Linux is that everything works correctly and moves forward, and you rarely have to make changes to it, so according to this advantage, you can use your time based on the needs that you have.

Note: Clear Linux, the tip is designed for those who are looking for something newer and want to get a fresh start in using Linux.

If you are looking for something simple and you don’t have problems with running older versions of packages and lag, I recommend you to try Fedora or Ubuntu, both can help you equally.

Clear Linux Break Down:

Here, with the summary of the information I provided, I want to talk more and more precisely about the advantages and disadvantages of Linux, and why I believe that Clear Linux is one of the most popular and fast Linux distributions

Modern Technologies:

Clear Linux has connected a lot of modern technologies into the mix. If you want to organize your plans in a secure way

Easily update, you can use the Flatpak system that has good features.

Good Update System:

There is a Diff binary update system called Swupd that Clear Linux uses.

The nice advantage is that instead of using the old methods like deleting, adding, and replacing files that it does from the beginning, here it only fetches the bytes that it needs to do the update work.

Lightweight by Default:

 In this section, only the packages that are needed to have an efficient system installs, which is called a light default operating system.

Bleeding Edge Kernel:

This is one thing that is very important and always gets the latest kernel, and it includes the following:

Latest enhancements

Security updates

New Features

Optimized for Speed :

By default, the kernel that is closed with it is designed for speed, in this case, all the options of the kernel are compiled, which, makes it run very fast and does not waste time, and this is the advantage.

Which has made Clear Linux one of the best and fastest distributions, and the difference in speed compared to other competitors is remarkable.

Good Looking Desktop:

In the Window Manager, everything is set for reading and fonts, and also the window manager looks beautiful, which attracts people.

New Package System:

If so, the new closed system can have many advantages and require a bit of a curve to master and learn.

Graphics Drivers:

Here you need to install Nvidia graphics drivers on the system, which requires tasks such as disabling the system kernel module for Nvidia and black listing it.

Once you have done this the first thing you need to do is to build the Nvidia package so that you can install a set of kernel packages, and if you do it right and succeed, your new kernel with the drivers you built is Not compatible Happens when you compile them for Nvidia which causes the kernel to panic.

To avoid future problems, you can disable Nvidia drivers, then turn on the default kernel drivers, and after booting into the kernel, the motorists must be collected again.

The thing that can be used to solve the problem is that in your boot parameters, you can set a time interval for the old kernel to do this, otherwise you will have to boot in safe mode with a Build recovery wood.

Incompatibility with Lutris:

To install League of Legends in Lutris, you need to download the dynamic library, and by default, the kernel does not support Clear Linux, at this time you have to go through the process of turning on that feature and building your kernel.

Note: The process of doing this work requires people who have mastered the configuration of new kernels and construction knowledge, and people who are just starting to work will have problems doing this work, so it needs a person who has sufficient knowledge.

Third Party Package Support:

This part can be good or bad but keep in mind that Clear Linux relies on flatpak in this part, although flatpak is a good application base, there are not many swupd packages in Clear Linux, and if you are one of those people who want Experience native fast and well on your system fast and good can be a hassle.


These days Clear Linux has gained a lot of fans and is known among Clear Linux people as one of the fastest and lightest Linux distributions, but note that it has a faster mode than other Linux distributions, which is difficult for beginners.

According to the description, do you think Clear Linux is one of the fastest Linux distributions? And do you know of faster delivery?

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