The Top Features to Look for in a Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse are one of the most famous mouse on the market.

Choosing a good wireless mouse can remove the limitation of wires from your life so that you can readily work with the system. Therefore the use of the wireless mouse is not limited to computers and laptops, and the use of these products for Android boxes, mobiles, tablets, etc is also shared.

If you are one of those people who move a lot while playing or working, we recommend a wireless mouse.

In this article, we are going to features does a good wireless mouse.

Stay with us until the end of the article.

What is a wireless mouse?

A wireless mouse, also known as a wireless or cordless mouse, is a type of computer mouse that communicates with your device without the need for wires. The wireless mouse connects to the mother device by sending radio waves (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) or infrared and allows you to work with your computer without being at a certain distance.

Types of wireless mouse

Wireless mouse have different designs and different connection methods. These differences have caused various types of the wireless mouse to exist in the market. But in terms of how to connect to the device, these products have two general categories:

  • Wireless mouse with infrared connection: These mouse use infrared or infrared waves to connect to the device.
  • Wireless mouse with radio wave connection: These mouse

are connected to the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The wireless mouse with its radio wave connection is available in two different forms:

  1. Has a USB receiver.
  2. No separate receiver.

In terms of design, the wireless mouse is placed in the following categories:

  • Wireless pen mouse: These mouse are designed in the form of a pen and are mostly used for graphic work.
  • Normal wireless mouse: These mouse have different designs in themselves, but they are generally in the form of normal but wireless mouse in the market.
  • 3D wireless mouse: These wireless mouse act like TV controls and should be kept in front of the computer to do things.

What are the components of a wireless mouse?

Mouse have various internal components that help to work better in the form of a single object. But the situation is a little different with the wireless mouse. Wireless mouse consist of three general components, which sometimes do not form a single thing. These three components are:

  • Transducer: Transducers are built-in parts that are responsible for transmitting waves from the mouse to the computer.
  • Receiver: Receivers are responsible for receiving the waves sent from the mouse and are usually produced in two forms: USB and built-in. Built-in receivers are the same Bluetooth or internal Wi-Fi kits that are already installed on the computer device.
  • Battery: Batteries provide the power needed by the Wireless mouse to send waves. Batteries are also supplied in two ways, rechargeable and replaceable. Each brand chooses a specific type of battery for their wireless mouse, depending on their market approach and pricing method.

What are the features of a good wireless mouse?

1.The design and appearance of the wireless mouse

Choosing the design and shape of the mouse is a personal choice. Because, a person should be able to easily communicate with the form and the way the hand is placed on the mouse. Most mouse have a simple and comfortable design. But some prefer specific designs. For example, most people like to seat their fingers comfortably on the mouse, while others pick to have their palms on the mouse.

If you belong to the second category, bulky and more oversized mouse are a suitable option.

Another significant point in the impression of the mouse is the quality of the buttons. Especially this feature is necessary for gamers because the gaming mouse has more buttons to have a quick performance during the game.

Therefore, the buttons are sufficient during the life of the mouse and the problem of wear and tear. To buy a high-quality mouse, pay attention to the cushions under the mouse. Pads help the mouse move smoothly on the pad, however thin and short the pads are, they wear out over time.

2.Sensors in wireless mouse

Most wireless mouse is equipped with an optical sensor, but a mouse with more special capabilities works with Laser technology, initially, the difference between the two is indistinguishable because they do the same thing. In general, some kinds of the mouse have a jumping function or stop. You have to choose a mouse that registers the movement correctly and accurately and moves skillfully on different hard and soft surfaces like wood or fabric.

3.Dpi and sensitivity in mouse

Sensor sensitivity is a necessary criterion in choosing a mouse. Dpi or sensor sensitivity is, displayed in dots per inch. Dpi in most mouse varies between 800 dpi and 6000. The higher the dpi, the more sensitive the mouse will be. Gamers should choose a mouse with a higher dpi because they need a little gesture to move the mouse.

4.Wireless mouse battery life

A most wireless mouse run on a replaceable AAA battery. But more expensive mouse are equipped with an internal battery. And they are easily charged with a dock or charger. Choosing a mouse with a great battery is very important, the best mouse should last for several years with a replaceable battery.

5. Various methods of connecting wireless mouse

The most common way to connect wireless mouse is via Bluetooth. But others are connected to the device as a dongle.

6. The range of the wireless mouse

The following important factor in choosing and buying a wireless mouse is to pay attention to its range. On average, a wireless mouse can work for you from a distance of 10 meters to your system.

How to connect the mouse to the computer?

One of the main differences between a wireless mouse and its wired counterpart is the way it is related to the computer. Wired mouse are usually connected to the device by simply plugging their cable into the USB port and starting working. But to join the wireless mouse to the computer, it must be introduced to the device. To familiarize you more with how to connect this mouse to the device, in the following, we will review the method of setting up a wireless mouse in a few steps:

1.Installing the battery and setting up the wireless mouse:

To start working with the wireless mouse, you must first check the condition of the mouse battery. If your wireless mouse is rechargeable, make sure the battery is charged. If your mouse works with temporary replaceable batteries, open the hatch on the bottom of the mouse to insert the battery. After this step, you can turn it on by pressing the small button that is usually located under or on the side of the mouse.

2.Connecting the dongle (receiver) to the computer:

Check the packaging of your wireless mouse and if there is no dongle in it, buy the most suitable dongle according to the specifications of the mouse. Dongles are usually included in the packaging of most wireless mouse. Connect the dongle to your device to connect the mouse and computer.

3.Introducing the wireless mouse to the device:

After installing the dongle, you must introduce your mouse to your computer. This is done in various ways. Some wireless mouse have a setup disk in their package. You can make the necessary settings to introduce the wireless mouse by inserting the CD into your computer. Some other mouse transfer the settings program to your computer along with the same receiver dongle. Others can be introduced by referring to the Bluetooth settings of your device. All these methods depend on the brand of your wireless mouse.

Advantages of wireless mouse:

The wireless mouse, like all other technologies, has advantages that knowing them can encourage you to get this efficient tool.

  • Comfort and flexibility: Since the wireless mouse does not have a wire, it has more flexibility while moving and will not block your hands and feet. In this way, if you need to change the position while working with the laptop, you don’t have to open your way through thousands of tangled wires for a simple change of place.
  • Keeping the workspace organized:

Using a wireless mouse, your desk will no longer be covered with tangled wires. This can help increase your focus and work efficiency.

  • Wider working space:

Because the wireless mouse uses waves for its work and no wires connect you to your laptop or computer, you can efficiently move away from your monitor and work at any distance that is more comfortable for you.  This advantage of the wireless mouse is very suitable for people who have large monitors.

  • It does not need accessories and constant maintenance:

Another use of waves in this electrical product is the presence of infrared to detect movement in this mouse. For this reason, you will no longer need to prepare a mouse pad. On the other hand, the presence of this technology in wireless mouse makes you not have the trouble of cleaning the mechanical ball under the mouse. Of course, it should be noted that today many wired mouse also use this.

  • Easier to move:

The absence of wires in these mouse has made them easier to move. No more problems collecting your work items and moving from one place to another, and you can easily carry your wireless mouse.

Disadvantages of these mouse

Now that we are familiar with the advantages of wireless mouse, it is not bad to talk a little about its disadvantages:

  • The need for small USBs:

Wireless mouse dongles, which are mostly fitted, in the form of short USBs, are the main reason for not needing wires. But this small tool can become one of the immense disadvantages of a wireless mouse. Because these dongles are sometimes so delicate and small that they can get lost while moving. Or in the worst case, they will fall under your feet and break, or they will hurt the USB port of your device by getting stuck in different places.

  • Expensiveness:

The price of a wireless mouse is slightly more pricey than a similar but wired product. Of course, this expensiveness is reasonable, because more money is spent on the design and production of this mouse, which increases the final price.


The Wireless mouse is a fantastic technology that multiplies the pleasure of working with a computer. By eliminating wires, these tools have managed to give more comfort to their users and create an enjoyable work or leisure experience for them.

What other features do you know about the wireless mouse?

What is your experience with a wireless mouse?

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