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Office Key on Keyboards: What Is It and What Does It Do?

If you have a different-looking key on your keyboard, we have to tell you that you are lucky. This key is an awesome tool for Office power users which helps you to get things done faster.

If you have bought a new keyboard recently, you may have seen a new key that has the Windows logo on it.

In this article, we describe what does the Office key on keyboards do. To learn more, follow me till the end of this article.

What does the Office key do?

Office key helps you with navigating and opening Microsoft Office applications. If you press this key by itself, nothing much will happen. But, holding this key with other keyboard keys will open up a particular Microsoft Office program. For instance, the Office Key + X hotkey opens a blank Excel spreadsheet.

What are the shortcuts of the Office key?

Here is a table that represents several shortcuts where you hold the Office Key in combination with other keyboard keys. Look at the table below to find out more.

ShortcutWhat does it do?Press it again
Office Key + WOpens WordA new window of Word will open.
Office Key + POpens PowerPointA new window of PowerPoint will open.
Office Key + XOpens ExcelA new window of Excel will open.
Office Key + OOpens OutlookActivates your existing Outlook window in the Inbox.
Office Key + TOpens Microsoft TeamsActivates your existing Microsoft Teams window.
Office Key + DOpens OneDrive in File ExplorerIf the root OneDrive folder is still selected, it will activate your existing File Explorer window. Else, it opens a new File Explorer window with OneDrive selected.
Office Key + NOpens OneNoteA new window of OneNote will open.
Office Key + LOpens LinkedIn, in your default browserLinkedIn in an additional tab in your default browser will open.
Office Key + YOpens YammerYammer in an additional tab in your default browser will open.

What should I do If I Do Not have an Office Key on My Keyboard?

Unlike other standardized keyboard functions, the Office Key does not use its own devoted modifier.

The Office key is not really its own key. Actually, it is a shortcut for various key presses. It means that you can use these functions irrespective of your model keyboard.

To activate the office key shortcut on any keyboard, you can hold the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Window hotkey.

Note: To have access to the Office Key, you need to have a Windows 10 May 2019 (Version 1903) or newer.

Last Words

In this article, we talked about the Office Key and its usage, which, a combination of this key with other keyboard keys, helps you to be more productive with Office. Do you have the Office Key on your keyboard?  Have you ever worked with it? Do you know any more usage of this key? Share your thoughts with us!

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