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Windows 11 Update Causes Blue Screen of Death in Hitman 3: What You Need to Know

Microsoft has released a cumulative update to fix several issues and bugs in Windows 11. But apparently, the update leads to a different bug. Windows 11 KB5013943 reportedly causes a severe Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) bug on some systems with specific drivers, including those that support antivirus software.
Windows 11 BSOD

Windows 11 KB5013943 is a security update released on May 10th. Due to compatibility issues between the driver and the May 2022 Patch Tuesday, the update causes blue screens of death on some PCs. Users experiencing this issue have posted their topic on Reddit.

According to one of the users, after updating to Windows 11 KB5013943, he noticed that a blue screen of death appeared after 10-15 minutes of playing Hitman 3. Another user added that he experienced blue screen errors with fuzzy error codes like “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH”.

To resolve the issue, uninstall the update by doing the following:

  • Select “Start” -> “Settings” -> “Windows Update“;
  • Pause updates for 7 days;
  • Open the control panel;
  • Select “Programs and Features“;
  • Select “View installed updates“;
  • Find KB5013943 and delete.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the existence of the problem.

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