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Top Windows 11 Alternatives: The Best Linux Distros to Consider

If you are looking for a professional operating system, you should know that Linux is the most popular and compatible open source operating system for developers, which has several superior features compared to other operating systems in terms of security, flexibility, and scalability.

This article is to review The Best Windows 11 Alternative Linux distros.

You may be wondering what Linux distributions are and how to use them.

A Linux distribution is an operating system made of software based on the Linux kernel, and Linux users can obtain Linux distributions from various sources.

What is the difference between different types of Linux distributions?

There are different Linux distributions in the world. Many of them have their philosophies, and some like Fedora do not allow coded software (other than Open Source) to be installed at the system level, while some other Linux distributions like Mint support coded software. To make it easier for users. Many of they use Packet Manager, configuration programs, and other software to make the configuration quick.

Some distributions are not supported for a long time. Distributions like Ubuntu LTS or RedHat are designed as stable distributions that are supported for several years with security updates and bug fixes. Some Linux distributions are intended for desktop computers, others for servers without a graphical interface, and others for specific uses such as home PCs. The comparison of Linux distributions does not end there, and regarding the difference between Linux versions, you should see what kind of use you are looking for in Linux distributions.

1.Linux Mint distribution:

The Best Windows 11 Alternative Linux distros

Suitable for: professionals, developers, educators.

Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions among users, which has many fans because it is both open source and free.

Mint is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, which uses the same Ubuntu repositories and is considered one of the best Linux versions for home users.

Based on Debian and Ubuntu, Linux Mint offers about 30,000 packages and is one of the best-operating systems. Therefore, similar software packages are available for both. In general, mint is a side distribution, which has a lot of focus on media codecs that Ubuntu does not include in its distributions by default. One of the lightest Linux distributions is Linux Mint.

This Linux distribution already has its own identity. You can’t find the Unity UI that is in Ubuntu. Instead, you can use Cinnamon or MATE user interfaces in it. Mint has a slower update routine. Mint does not support the automatic installation of essential updates. This has caused some Ubuntu developers to call this distribution insecure.

Top Reasons to Use Linux Mint:

1) Linux Mint has a polished Windows-like desktop environment.

2) It has dedicated codecs.

3) Makes it easy to install proprietary drivers.

2.Introducing the Zorin distribution:

Introducing the Zorin distribution

Suitable for: beginners, professionals.

Zorin Linux distribution is a powerful distribution designed to make things faster, safer, and easier for you to use your computer.

The other three distributions include Nix, Kanotix, and BackBox, each of which has its features.

This is Zorin OS for people who want to switch their Mac OS or Windows operating system to Linux. This program tries to make it easy with several familiar desktop layouts that are activated by clicking on the Zorin Appearance app.

Top Reasons to Use Zorin OS:

1) Running Windows executables.

2) Has NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers.

3) The possibility of internal Android universalization.

4) For those who want to change their windows system.

3.Ubuntu is the most well-known Linux distribution:

Ubuntu is the most well-known Linux distribution

Suitable for: developers, professionals, educators

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and best Linux distributions that have open source, features.

All necessary programs such as the office suite, browsers, email and media programs, etc. are also present in this distribution. Ubuntu is a well-known distribution in the world of Linux distributions.

This operating system is based on Debian. But this distribution does not use Debian repositories and instead has software repositories that are special to it. Many of the software in it is being synced with Debian Repository software. The thing that is remarkable about Ubuntu is that it has the most complete Repository among all Linux distributions.

The Ubuntu project has focused on producing solid desktop and server versions so that its users have an adequate user experience with this operating system. As a result, it has no fear of making new and fully customized technologies to increase the sense of better user experience. Ubuntu used to use the GNOME 2 user interface, but now it uses its user interface named Unity. Ubuntu is the only company that uses its graphical server named Mir, while other Linux distributions use Wayland.

Ubuntu has always been an up-to-date operating system. He has promised to release a new version once every 6 months. Every 2 years, it offers a version with long-term support. As of this writing, the 16 LTS version has also been released.

For those who are looking for the best Linux to replace Windows 11, Kubuntu is recommended because this distribution has the KDE Plasma desktop environment and is powerful and simple by default.

Top Reasons to Use Ubuntu:

1) Has a friendly and large environment.

2) It supports old hardware well.

3) They work flawlessly on most computers that have no problems.

4) Multiple flavors to choose from.

4. Manjaro is a Linux distribution for beginners (KDE Plasma Edition):

Manjaro is a Linux distribution for beginners

Suitable for: beginners

The Manjaro Linux distribution provides you with all the benefits of advanced software for quick startup and automated tools to minimize manual configuration among all Linux operating systems. This version is one of the best Linux versions for home users.

It is the first excellent and useful Linux distribution that Windows users can use.

Here we suggest the version of KDE Plasma Manjaro because its design is very similar to Windows 10 operating system, but unlike Windows 10 operating system, you can easily order Plasma Code to meet your needs.

Top Reasons to Use Manjaro:

1) It is user friendly and controllable.

2) It has advanced software.

3) It works based on Arch Linux.

5. Elementary OS:

Elementary OS

Windows 11 has been designed by introducing an open user interface that borrows many elements from Apple’s Mac OS, for example, the taskbar, the icons that exist, and the rounded corners of the program.

If you are one of those people who are interested in new design and want to install Mac OS on your personal computer, this Elementary OS system may be a good Linux distribution for you.

Just by looking at the screenshot above, you’ll see where the people behind it get their inspiration and where their priorities come from. This elementary OS system is a Mac OS-inspired distribution that focuses on usability and work experience.

The developers of the elementary OS system have created several applications to ensure that the operating system is integrated and avoid mixing existing software.

Top Reasons to Use Elementary OS:

1) Mac OS-inspired interface.

2) Seamless user experience.

3) Having security for privacy.

6. Solus:


Solus distribution is one of the fastest Linux distributions that has gained popularity in a short time. The great thing about the Solus distribution is that it maintains a simple appearance. Where the user interface is not the same as Solus Linux with windows, but it gives you the exact feeling.

The Linux distribution also provides a wide range of tools for watching movies, playing games, managing photos, browsing the Internet, and more.

Top Reasons to Use Solus:

1) The eopkg package manager which is reliable and fast.

2) Providing the desktop environment of Budge model.

3) Providing a smooth user experience.

7. Pop_OS


The Pope!_OS, This Linux distribution operating system is made and developed by a company called System 76. Simply put, a Linux distribution is an operating system built on top of the Linux kernel. Linux is a free and open-source operating system and is considered an excellent alternative to Windows and macOS.

Since 2005, System76 has been producing Linux computers that come with a pre-installed Linux distribution called Ubuntu instead of Windows. In 2017, the company created its own unique Linux distribution called Pop!_OS based on the Ubuntu distribution and started offering this distribution as an alternative.

Many notable factors differentiate Pop!_OS from Windows, macOS, and even other Linux distributions.

Pop!_OS is an open source project and completely free. If you have a computer that you want to use for basic work, and you don’t want to pay for a Windows license, you can instead distribute the Pop! Install the OS on your computer. One of the best things about Pop!_OS is that, unlike Windows11, it gives you a seamless experience without annoying ads.

Top Reasons to Use Pop!_OS:

1) They are already installed on the computers of System 76.

2) To increase productivity, use the useful automatic tiling feature.

3) Working NVIDIA drivers out of the box.


In this article, 7 Linux distributions that can be used as an alternative to Windows 11 operating system were mentioned, according to the strengths and weaknesses of each Linux distribution, you can use it according to your needs.

Do you know of another Linux distribution that can replace Windows 11?

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