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Discover the Top 40+ Social Media Sites and Apps of 2022

From the most popular platforms for communication and solving problems, there is a list of social media sites and applications that the users love them. New social media platforms are developing in 2022, and they have changed the usual way of adding and messaging connections. People not only communicate on social media but also advertise their business on it. Social media became the core of the new era that influences all over the world. Although all these social media platforms have something different to share with their users, the users must use them beneficially. 

Whether you are a professional person in your business or starting a new business, it is beneficial to know the most popular social media sites. It lets you increase your followers and achieve your goals. Also, you need to know which social media is suitable for your targets. To make it easier for you, the most popular social media sites are presented.


facebook social media

Facebook, one of the most popular platforms, has more than 2.9 active users every month. This amount means 36.9% of people from all over the world use it. About 200 million businesses run on Facebook, and more than 7 million people advertise their business on Facebook. It will be stronger and a top choice for users in 2022, and it will remain one of the most popular applications between the ages of 12 to 34. The users of Facebook use this platform to see their friends, family, and the updated news, or business marketers may buy advertisements on Facebook to gain new customers. Nowadays, people can go shopping in a store called “Facebook Shops” in person.

The most attractive forms of content on Facebook are the news industry, short videos, graphics, live videos, and other visual media. It is an easy platform to use, and it supports all types of content like images, videos, texts, and stories. Also, people can play games with their Facebook friends. Facebook works on an algorithm to prioritize this content to create meaningful interaction among people. If you want to look for someone, it is less probable to find them on other search lists, but it has a high chance on Facebook.


youtube social media

YouTube is a platform for sharing videos, and users can watch a billion videos on it. It is called the second largest search engine after Google. About 2.29 billion users actively use YouTube every month. If you have your own business, you will need a YouTube page for advertising your business. If you want your videos to be seen by many people, learn more about SEO and advertising on YouTube to increase your viewers. Moreover, you need to know about the algorithm of YouTube, which is a combination of skill, strategy, budget, and luck. YouTube has overcome many barriers to becoming the leading video platform in the universe in only 16 months.

Unlike many platforms, YouTube is one of a few sites that young people use. Pew Research in 2020 illustrated that American children under 12 years old often watch YouTube videos. More than 80% of parents assert that their children watch YouTube videos at least once a day.

YouTube channel can be used for a target-specific, or you can use the channel to share videos, products, and processes of your company. Among the best video streaming applications, YouTube considers the wealthiest content application, which share music to movies, from personal videos to independent films, and educational videos to entertaining videos. In addition to uploading videos, subscribers can like, comment, and share. After obtaining a specific number of the subscribers, you can earn money when YouTube presents advertisements before your videos. To gain more subscribers, you should qualify content and advertise on YouTube. You should create videos that the subscribers are interested in better, like entertainment, cooking, adventure, painting, academics, etc.


whatsapp social media

WhatsApp is one of the top social messaging applications, with more than two billion active users every month. The growth of this application was surprising because the last billion users joined in less than four years. It is a messaging application used by many people in 180 countries. Because of the high price of SMS for most people, WhatsApp is a better alternative because messages are free to send. To connect with people, you need the user’s mobile number. People use it for calling and texting their family and friends. The remarkable feature of WhatsApp is that it is personal. Therefore, it is a safe platform for businesses, and it is a terrific tool for customer services. You can benefit from WhatsApp business by a branded profile, adding a catalog, website URLs, storing locations, promotional details, automating messages with a chatbot, and more. Facebook announced recently that brands on WhatsApp can make advertisements via Facebook or Instagram and allow the users to click on the link on WhatsApp. This messaging platform can provide an excellent customer service channel for people’s businesses. Business version application of WhatsApp is available or small businesses. For medium and large trades, you can use WhatsApp business API. Moreover, it has top privacy and security system that even WhatsApp cannot access conversations. Another wonderful thing about WhatsApp is that it does not have any advertisements to make people annoyed.


instagram social media

Kevin Systrom created Instagram in 2009, and he made Instagram more charming by the money from the early round. Instagram focused on attracting people who loved whiskey and bourbon. Later on, Systrom revolved around it with remarkable technology for better images and image-sharing services. Therefore, Instagram received a huge success. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for about one billion dollars. Instagram became very popular for people under 35, with two billion MAU. American people are used Instagram for 70% of business marketing. Despite having the same features as Facebook, people engage 23% more with Instagram posts rather than Facebook posts. It means that businesses can reach fourfold engagement on Instagram compared with Facebook.

Now Instagram has millions of users around the world, and they are increasing day by day. It introduces new development for engaging more users. Instagram, as a visual platform, is a place to share your products or services with photos or videos. It is possible to share tremendous forms of content such as photos, videos, Stories, reels, live videos, and IGTV. Also, it is possible to make a business profile on Instagram that allows you to analyze your profile and post, and it permits the users to plan their posts with specific tools.

This application allows you to take photos with the cell phone’s camera and use a filter to make your photo more artistic. It is incredible to share your photos with appropriate hashtags and gain the maximum number of audiences. Although this application gained a reputation because of being superficial and full of selfies, you can search around and find panoramic photos and amazing artworks.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger social media

This application is one of the top newest platforms. Messenger was messaging feature of Facebook, but from 2011, it has become an independent application. It is now possible to use lots of great features, which were not available on Facebook chat, and connect with your friends and family without logging into Facebook, or even you deactivate your Facebook account, you are able to access your Facebook messenger. Also, advertising, creating chatbots, and doing lots of things are possible on Messenger for 1.3 billion active users. These features give new ways for businesses and entrepreneurs to engage and connect with more customers. Also, companies use marketing solutions to develop their business and profitability. With automatic chatbots, the users’ questions automatically respond and appear in the user’s inbox.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are different in some cases. The first one is that Facebook gives coding to all users, which means that people can see what you write on Facebook. Additionally, Facebook presents a variety of advertisements such as sponsored messages, inbox advertisements, etc. Also, Facebook links all the users’ contact from Instagram and Facebook. In 2019, a Facebook poll illustrated that the request of 64% of people is that to be able to send messages to brands. Statista asserted that 12.1% of US cell phone owners use WhatsApp, BUT 56.8% of them use Facebook Messenger.


telegram social media

The founders of VK founded Telegram. As one of the top messaging applications, Telegram considers an app for secret texting. Telegram has increased its user’s foothold. It is all because of users’ privacy policies. One of the things that distinguish this application from other applications is the security of Telegram. It has 400 active users every month.

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From business views, it is the most popular application which connects to the users immediately. Businesses can make chatbots or channels to share messages to many subscribers at once.  Even after several suppression of many governments, Telegram has gained its popularity compared to other applications. It is possible to exchange photos, videos, stickers, audios, and files up to 2GB in any formats. Telegram provides all encrypted calls and secret chats between two online users on smartphones. Also, this application support all customers one on one which means that business create chatbots or a channel to share messages to their subscribers. Telegram allows 200,000 members to join in groups, more than other messaging platforms. Moreover, Telegram says that they will offer an advertising platform soon.

Hootsuite said that Telegram users spend more time on this application rather than Facebook Messenger users. The specialists in social media reported that while Telegram users spend about 2.9 hours every month on average, Facebook Messenger users spend about 2.7 hours a month. Between January 1 and January 12 in 2021, WhatsApp had fallen from the 8th most useful application to the 23rd downloaded application in the UK, while Telegram acquired 25 million new users in the same period. It was a 5% improvement in only three weeks. In addition, Telegram became the world’s most downloaded application for Android and IOS users in a month.


twitter social media

Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass created Twitter in March 2006 as a web application. In August 2008, it became a mobile application. Twitter gained much bad press. People believe that because of the character limitation, it is not possible to have a reasonable debate, and there are a lot of fake bots on the website. Twitter is a good option if you desire to follow immediate news, celebrities, and journalists. It is possible to save videos from Twitter. Also, it is possible to advertise on Twitter who are interested in selling. It is not as popular as Facebook, but it has an incredible engagement rates, which help you in your business.

Twitter is one of the most popular applications. It is known as a real-time public microblogging network where users receive new updates immediately. Most of the designers and users of social media have appreciated its word limitation. The focus of this application is on the latest things happening around the world. This feature makes it the best social networking website, unique and different from other websites. Also, Twitter is a popular website for customer services. Advertisers assert that more than 80% of the requests come from Twitter.

Twitter is a place where you can share short messages called tweets in the form of brief information. The information is usually about politics, entertainment, news, sports, etc. Another thing that makes it different from other platforms is that you can use 280 characters in a tweet, and it is 140 characters for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. You can gain information from experts’ tweets and learn about the improvements around the world. Experts from politicians to the head of countries, agents of the world’s companies, sports brotherhood, celebrities, and academic people can be found on Twitter.

Businesses advertise their services and products. To engage customers, advertisers use the key term in the format of hashtags. Many organizations use Twitter for the digital marketing of their business. Additionally, when you find a problem related to the company, you can send a tweet with the hashtag of the company’s name and share your issue. Therefore, your problem will be solved by the company. If the company does not pay attention to your case, it will get bad credit on a platform where the world is watching it.


tiktok social media

TikTok is one of the top 10 social media sites, and it is a music video-sharing application. It has almost 65 million users in the US. It also became the most downloaded application in 2018, competing with Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. In this application, users can record videos for up to one minute, edit them, add music and put special effects on them. Recently, TikTok has acquired, the same music video sharing application. The engagement of this site makes it the best social media management application. You can make short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy, and talent videos of 3 to 15 seconds, and they can be compared with the reels on Instagram. The video feed is offered to the users based on the activity people do in this application. It is possible to add videos, hashtags, filters and sounds to the saved part on TikTok.

Celebrities around the world use this application widely. This application is also for ordinary people to share their talents and earn money. Otherwise, it was demanding to get visible to the audience for these people. Nowadays, this application is forbidden for Indian and American people because of security actions. This application presented a feature for parents to control their children’s activities on the usage of the digital world in February 2020. Recently, this application stands as the second favorite social platform for teenagers after Instagram and before Snapchat. Almost 47.4% of users are aged 10-20.


snapshot social media

Snapchat attracts millions of hearts as the best social media application, and it started in 2011. This application is used more outside of the US and Europe. The idea of this application is unique in that the users can send a picture or short videos called ‘Snaps’ as a message, and it will automatically disappear after a few seconds. Snapchat made ‘Stories’ widespread because they are easy to make, and Instagram adopted this idea. The popularity of Instagram has affected the growth of Snapchat in using this application for marketing and advertising. It has almost 530 active users.

The main characteristic of this application is short videos that you can share with your friends. More than four billion spans are sent every day on average. Now, this application is used for showing short-form content and advertisement in stories for 24 hours. There are a lot of filters available on this application, like bitmoji and friend emoji. Moreover, it has more features like games, quizzes, entertainment, photos, editing tools, etc. In all aspects, Snapchat is the best way for social interactions and gives them a good look.

Despite losing the ground of social media applications like Instagram and TikTok, one of the popular applications for those under the age of 25 is Snapchat, with almost 306 million active users around the world. Therefore, if your audiences are between 18 to 24 years old, join Snap Wagon since 78% of the users consider these people, and since 2016 it has been the most popular application for this age range. The application encourages users to take goofy and fun selfies with a wide range of filters. Another feature is that it has more privacy than Facebook for younger users.


linkedin social media

Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Valliant found LinkedIn in May 2003. LinkedIn is the best application for all experts around the world to advertise themselves and their businesses, and they can make their business connections widespread by sending personal advertisements, developing content, and showing the advertisements on the site. Also, users use it for marketing. Every year this application stays on the top ten platforms. At the beginning of its establishment, it was just a platform for online resumes, but it has developed into a social networking site for all professionals in different fields. Twenty languages are available on LinkedIn. This site is popular with B2B audiences. About 48.8% of marketing professionals in the US have used the application for their business purposes in 2019.

In this application, users can search for different jobs based on their abilities, talents, and interests. Moreover, users can connect to professionals in their field or join groups of their same interest. Users can also follow companies, prominent human resources, and powerful managers. LinkedIn is a place for professionals of businesses and industries to share content and create their brands. This site is for executives to advertise and attract talents to their business. LinkedIn, with more than 774 users in more than 200 countries, has a lot of offers to share. The average age of users is 44, in contrast with other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Eighty-seven million users consider Millennials, and about 63 million users use the platform on their cell phones per month. Nevertheless, only 3 million users share content every week, and 1 million users publish an article on the site.


Skype is a communication platform that users can call by video, audio, or text message to other users. Skype began as an independent company in 2012, but now, it is for Microsoft. Business Skype is the same as standard Skype with features of it, and it is an excellent platform for small businesses. For instance, it allows you to add more than 250 people to online meetings and gives you security as the level of organizations’ security. Moreover, it permits you to control employees’ accounts.


quora social media

Quora is a platform for Questions and Answers with 300 active users. It was found in 2009, and in 2020 the users grew about 50%. Users can upload a question and other users can respond. This is a terrific way to share your thoughts with a large community considered professionals of different fields. In some countries like India and the US, Quora is a popular platform. Due to its support of many languages, you can adjust the language with your own language in setting to see and read different questions and answers.

This platform considers various genres of knowledge, and you can receive answers from the industry, organization, institution, and business professionals. The diplomacy of Quora is that users can share links in bio. If you insert images or links in your answers, Quora will block your account. Recently, due to the wide range of knowledge, if you search anything on Google, you can find at least one Quora link at the top of the search list. An significant thing about Quora is anything you consume or share must come from accurate sources. This platform is used for branding because of its fame, and more than 90% of users have a positive experience with it. The questions and answers rate is based on votes, views, and shares. Also, companies can advertise their products on this platform because 63% of users are the online purchaser. On the other hand, it is a superb place for customers to search for a product or service.


Pinterest social media

Another most popular social media site among people is Pinterest. It has proved the importance of visual content. It is the fastest application that has a significant influence on users. The users love to get new ideas and try new things. Therefore, the name remains in the minds of users. It is an opportunity for brands to affect and form their products. It is also helpful to pin new ideas and impressive creativities on users’ personal boards. Additionally, it is possible to use it for sharing photos, visual bookmarking, and uploading your concepts with saving costs. It has more than 444 million active users per month, with about 70% females, but in 2020, 50% increase in male users. It became more popular during Covid-19 Pandemic that the users out of America increased by 46%.

The main focus of Pinterest is not engagement, but it causes users to inspire by the ideas. Thus, it is a helpful way to build the brand image in the mind of users. Whether users plan for their next travel, search for ideas for home designs, fitness tips, or find cooking recipes, Pinterest answers all these needs. It is possible to save and organize new ideas and send them to others on your mobile phone. This application is a good place for advertisements, and 92% of advertisers agreed that their reputation is because of Pinterest.


reddit social media

It was founded in 2005, and Conde Nast owns it. There are 430 million active users on Reddit per month. Reddit is a platform for the users of mobile social media applications with a pleasant design. This platform creates a strong community for its users to discuss, chat, and share pictures and videos. Also, there are some meetings called ‘Subreddits’ for every topic, but they have different engagement levels. Therefore, it is better to search for subreddits with relevant subjects related to your brand. Currently, this platform has over 2.2 million subreddits. Reddit is known as the ‘front page of the Internet’ because of having the option of ‘ask me anything’ and deep discussions. 

More than 1 in 4 people in the US use Reddit. And currently, it is the 8th most popular website in the US, and users spend 20 minutes on this application on average longer than Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay. Reddit is a place to share the recent news from different sources. Recently, it has started new moves like making Dubsmash and presenting new features while growing 44% over a year. It is possible to send questions, links, and pictures and discuss or vote positive or negative about them. Based on your votes, the content goes up or down the list. Besides uploading content to Reddit, it is a suitable place to find ideas for content and advertise on Reddit. It is allowed to advertise, but the advertisers should follow the site’s rules.


David Karp created Tumblr in February 2007 and launched it as a beta site, but it became a complete site in May 2007. Tumblr is one of the best social applications, sites, and micro-blogs. It is used more by the new generation for their business, and it presents attractive features such as customized blogs and flexible blog content. Tumblr receives about 319 million views per month. Users share an enormous number of blogs on Tumblr that convey different subjects like education, art, fashion, wildlife, etc. Also, it is practical to share photos, videos, audio, links, and more. Users can use it to create an account and post pictures, videos, and articles. Moreover, they can also reblog means using posts from another person on Tumblr and putting them on your blog. The business population on Tumblr is not as big as some sites like Facebook, but it is easier to connect with your audience via Tumblr particularly when your business is text-content base. Yahoo achieved Tumblr for $990 million in 2013. However, in 2017, it was estimated Tumblr was worth about $800 million.


Tencent introduced WeChat in 2011. It is a perfect tool for billions of active users of different ages around the world. It was known as Weixin in China, but in 2012, it was relaunched as WeChat. Therefore, it is Chinese base users. About 98.5% of Chinese users registered for WeChat between the ages of 50 and 80 in 2018, which shows the fame of this application among older people. This platform allows texting, exchanging media, video and voice calls, and video games. You can share your location with reliable connections through the application. Other features are the ability to enhance more than 500 members in a group, lots of stickers and custom stickers, etc. WeChat is like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Randomly, you can connect with people. It is also possible to use filters and captions on pictures. Another option is an automatic translation service. Moreover, it is possible to use it for shopping online, making reservations, paying offline, transferring money, etc. Due to the discrepancy between China and The USA and between China and India, this application was banned in India because of security issues. But, WeChat can be a suitable alternative for those who cannot use prohibited platforms in their country like Facebook.


viber social media

Viber is one of the fastest and most safe messaging applications. It has about one billion active users universally. It is the same as the platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can send text messages, record audio or video, make calls, share stickers, etc. Unlike other applications, it is a good choice for businesses because it allows the users to buy advertisements, make stickers for advertising, sell products in the shopping part, and provide customer services. Furthermore, one of the options is a security system in that any message becomes like code, and only the receiver can open it. Therefore, not even Viber can access your messages. Also, it has the item of secret chat that it is possible to delete the message after reading it. You can make conversation with people with the same interests in a personal chat space. It has some packages of subscriptions in which you can buy minutes of a call with a specific destination. This package of subscriptions can renew per month or week.


The purpose of this application is to remake the communication between families and friends by bringing users closer to each other. It is a free application with many offers such as text messages, voice, video calls, and endless diversity of stickers for users to express themselves better in chats, playing games, ticket bookings, transferring money, and online shopping. This application now has more than 600 million users from around the world, with 86 million active users every month. Because of the stable efforts of Line for expanding the application’s options to make it an exciting platform and easy to use. It is one of the top applications in Japan. Also, it helps you in business. Brands can make a profile to share the latest news, pictures, and promotions, which appear in the timeline of subscribers. 


clubhouse social signal

If you prefer voice chats rather than texting, Clubhouse is the best choice for you. The clubhouse is an application to talk and listen to people. It lets you make private or public chat rooms that the users can join, which means that in private rooms, you can invite people. While in the public rooms, people in the room can hear conversations. Some rooms can keep thousands of people. Clubhouse needs a code of invitation to let you join. It has a slow growth, but 10 million users like it because it does not have any advertisements or much room for brands.

Sina Weibo

weibo social media

Sina Corporation, a Chinese technology, 2009 launched this platform. ‘Weibo’ in Chinese means ‘micro-blog’ Thus, it is a microblogging platform compared with Twitter or Instagram. In this platform, users can share images, videos, and stories, see trending topics, use hashtags, and send messages. Sina Weibo has a younger population in comparison with WeChat, and it has more informational and popular content. The New York Times asserted that Weibo is the place for people to go viral in China. This platform allows businesses to communicate with their subscribers. This application can be an International Edition of a social media platform for the users to discover new things. Also, users can follow the most recent subjects, follow their favorite influencers, and understand the stories behind the scenes. Users are free to search about their interests and share whatever they want. Marketers are satisfied with Weibo because it has a powerful advertising space as well as a native lottery feature, and it is popular among international brands. Weibo has some problems due to the censorship of the government. Therefore, it is destructive for companies around the world that try to market themselves in China. 


qq social media

Tencent launched QQ in China in 1999. Before WeChat, QQ was the top messaging application in China. Recently, 80 countries used this platform, and it is available in many languages. More than the fast messaging features of this application, QQ allows the users to make their avatar, watch movies, play online games, listen to music, shop online, create blogs, and pay their invoices. For signing up for the QQ, people do not need a phone number. Thus, this feature attracts many users who do not have mobile, and they use the desktop version instead. Due to the ease of QQ usage and the option of transferring files of more than 25 MB, it is a popular platform among many people. QQ has 639 million active users per month.

Meet Up

Meet Up is another top social application that will expand in 2022. The purpose of this platform is to bring people closer to cities. This platform has an idea that says when people are together and does the same things, they are at their best level of themselves. To use Meet Up, the users need to pay some amounts. Subscription plans are different from a month to six months. For a month, it costs $9.99, and for six months, it costs $29.99.


Another top application in 2022 is Hootsuite. It is a terrific tool for managing social media platforms. It allows you to plan and publish your posts automatically. With this application, it is possible to investigate analytics and the strategies that work more for your business. Many new platforms are interested in Hootsuite because users can manage their platforms with this application.


Kwai is a popular video-sharing application in which users can follow their favorite content creators or users can grow in this application by creating content. It is the only application that is possible to edit the videos in the application as well. It allows users to use effects, find trends and use more tools in the application.


Tinder supplies the users with endless profiles according to the users’ needs. Also, it has an easy sign-up procedure. It allows the users to log in to their Facebook accounts. By choosing Tinder Plus, the application gives the users extra features like endless likes and the freedom to connect with singles all around the world.


Whisper is an application with more than 30 million users that changes the way to see the world. The users’ experience with this application shows that this application is more addictive than other platforms. Whisper is an online meeting of people to share their thoughts and get information from other communities.

VKontakte (VK)

VK is a Russian application with more than 72 million active users was founded in 2006. VK is an engaging application with appealing features that other applications do not have, such as animated emojis, stylish themes, etc. This application lets you share music playlists, join a video call and connect with other people. This platform is popular in Russia, so brands should be aware of this reputation and consider advertisements. It includes groups, pages, private messages, events handling, image tapping, and games.


One of the top social networking applications in the area of live games is Twitch. This platform supports a coalition of PCs and game consoles. Therefore, users can control it from the phone screen. Furthermore, it is possible to use the same profile from your smartphone to not lose access to the content on the console. This plate is a tremendous application for people to enjoy the world.


discord social media

Discord is another application which popular among gamers. This application is practical for communication in groups or connecting with users, and gamers from around the world dominate the platform. However, non-gamers users use this application too because it is easy to use and recommends features for free.


VSCO is a photo-sharing platform that allows users to use filters, connect with people, share and reshare pictures, etc. To sign up for the application, you can use Gmail or Snapchat account. Besides its benefits, the platform is easy to use and has filters on the top.


Medium is an online publishing application for articles to publish and read for free. While some articles are reserved by members who pay for them, companies republish them on Medium to expand their reach in the market. Users can gain good insights about platforms like Quora. Many global leaders like Barack Obama are on Medium. Generally, this application is the ocean of information. Besides its feature of publishing, brands can send their blog posts on the platform to expand their reach.


Hike Messenger or Hike Sticker Chat is a messaging platform that can work offline by SMS. It has lots of emoji stickers. It became the first messaging platform to begin mobile payments services in India from its version 5.0. On this application, it is possible to use a digital envelope for sending gifts by a wallet. Moreover, you can use stickers instead of long text messages.


Planoly is a place to plan for editing and content. This platform allows you to see posts as a grid and the engagement rates of each post. Also, you can control your hashtags on Instagram. Moreover, it lets you work with a team and edit Instagram posts. Therefore, you will receive a more homogeneous feed on Instagram and a visual style for your brand.


flikr social media

Another widespread photo and video sharing platform is Flickr. It is well-known among photographers and business owners who want to share high-quality pictures on the Internet. Also, you can use free images for your work. The influence of this site decreased in recent years, but it still has more than 60 million active users per month. The groups separate into content groups and theme groups. If a business needs photos for the content, Flickr provides costless cloud storage. For each account, Flicker presents 1TB space. Moreover, you can merge Flicker with other platforms like WordPress to share images on your site or blog.


Thriller is a video-sharing application like TikTok, and it has more than 65 million users every month. It is an Al-powered application that lets the users make fun and short videos for their followers. Businesses should use micro-influencer to maximize Thriller for marketing because they have faithful followings, and besides, they know the connection type that is attractive for your audience.


Douyin is a popular Chinese application with more than 600 million active users. Businesses that want to connect with Chinese young people should use this application. This application is similar to TikTok, but its audience is Chinese. Both TikTok and Douyin are for the same company, but they have different demographics. Luxury brands in China use Douying for marketing their products. But, some of these luxury brands have some problems engaging young users. Douyin has accepted making money through users and presented a precise mechanism for how to make money by it.


Kuaishou (a.k.a. Kwai) is the second Chinese short-video platform, with 481 million users per month. Tencent funded this application, and it competes with two applications of TikTik and Douyin. Kwai was successful in different areas. Kuaishou allows users to add text, stickers, or music to images or videos. Moreover, it has become a popular application for live streams which can gift implicit items or buy products. Kuaishou and Douyin have the same feature, but they are different in some cases. The first difference is that live streams on Kuaishou are more popular than on Douyin. The second one is the stronger content approach recommendation in Kuaishou. About 50% of users’ content comes from the following accounts on this app, while this amount is about 10% in Douyin.


Ask.FM is an ask-answer platform that Latvia founded in 2010. It has more than 338 million users per year. It is popular among teenagers, and many questions are related to personal topics like relationships, school, and hobbies.


Xing is a platform for experts, and it was founded in Germany. It is used more in Europe, with 20 million users. The users are 89% satisfied with this site. If you want to use the professional search section, you need to pay some money every month.


Nextdoor is a site for neighborhoods that was founded in 2010, with more than 110,000 neighborhoods. Users can connect with the local customers. 89% of users are satisfied with this site. It is available in the US that people share whatever happens in the neighborhood, for instance, losing pets, garage sales, and recommendations.


Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe founded Myspace in 2003. It was the top platform between the years 2005 to 2008. The concentration of the site is on music, and you can listen to music and chat with others about it. Also, it has some articles about opinions and news.


Another Chinese application is Qzone from Tencent, which mixes social networking and blogging. It is possible to upload multimedia, write diaries and blogs, play games, and listen to music. Also, users can connect with friends, see updates, share posts, and update covers and profile photos.

Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams social media

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing platform used for communication through chat, voice, and video calls. It merges with other Microsoft 365 services like OneDrive and PowerPoint. It is also suitable for large businesses. Moreover, it gives high security, and it is possible to meet and collaborate with more than 10,000 users in a group. Another option is sharing large files of more than 1TB for every user. Microsoft Teams has more options than Skype for business.


Recently, people from all over the world used many sites and applications to respond to their needs. Therefore, to help the users of Technology, more than 40 sites and applications were presented in this content. It is possible to find and match your needs with the suggested applications.


    1. To me, it’s like a question: would you rather be invited to an open public performance, or would you rather share an album of photos you took? These are two very different things.

      Twitter and Instagram are different tools and serve different purposes.

      I like Instagram because sharing photos adds a subtle, more visual dimension to what I write. This trains another creative muscle.

      For me, Twitter is not really about Twitter, but about who I subscribe to. I like Twitter because I use it as a news feed (and treat it with distrust).

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