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iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Rumors: Everything We Know So Far

Every year, Apple’s new phones are released, and they have a lot of fans among users. Many people are waiting for the new iPhone to release. iPhone 14 Pro is the iPhone that will come with a unique design and features. Many iPhone users like to know about iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date. By competing with the phones like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Google Pixel 6 Pro, it seems that Apple needs to play its A-game to be at the top among competitors. Therefore, based on the rumors, iPhone 14 Pro will have great differences from other iPhone models.

IPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date

Based on the iDropNews, Apple will probably manifest the iPhone 14 series on September 13, 2020, and will likely, release it on September 23, 2022. Apple Company is sticking to an annual schedule. Thus, the new iPhones are announced on the first and second Tuesday of September and are released ten days later on Friday.

The unveiling of the iPhone will begin at 10 am Pacific Time or 6 pm GMT in Cupertino. CEO Tim Cook officially manifested the new iPhones with other involved administrative on the stage. We expect that the declaration of the iPhone 14 is virtual like WWDC22.

IPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date

The table below shows the announcement date and release date schedule from 2018:

Device FamilyAnnouncement DateRelease Date
Apple iPhone XS-seriesSeptember 12, 2018September 21, 2018
Apple iPhone 11-seriesSeptember 10, 2019September 20, 2019
Apple iPhone 12- seriesOctober 13, 2020October 23, 2020
Apple iPhone 13- seriesSeptember 14, 2021September 24, 2021
Apple iPhone 14-seriesSeptember 6 / September 13, 2022September 16 / September 23, 2022

IPhone 14 Name

Apple reported that they will release four devices for 2022, and will put iPhone mini aside. Below, we provide a list of iPhone performers: 

  • iPhone 14 6.1: This iPhone is continuation of the iPhone 11, 12, and 13.
  • iPhone 14 Pro 6.1: This form has a triple-camera with manageable bells and whiffles.
  • iPhone 14 Max 6.7: This iPhone is the large version of 14 series with two cameras and a large battery.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7: This iPhone is the largest version of 14 series, and it has premium features and the battery life is longer.

IPhone 14 Display

Generally, we do not expect any significant changes and differences in iPhone 14 design in comparison with iPhone 13 series, but iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are just different in an i-shaped horizontal hole which is an alternative to a gap.

JP Morgan Chase published a rumor about the probable titanium frame for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which is a significant change in comparison to the current models. Before that, Apple had used titanium for the case of Apple Watch Series 6 and 7.  Although titanium is not a good material, Apple is still working on it to reduce finger stains on the case.

Another report shows that the all-new iPhone 14 series will release with narrow edges around the screen to have a neater appearance. These minimizations started from iPhone 12 generation, and it seems that for iPhone 14 series, it will be the narrowest. iPhone 14 casts were released in April and amplified this vision that we should expect four models for iPhone 14 series without any version.

Regarding color, we expect to see more conservative colors with a matte coating. However, we anticipate that the non-Pro versions will stay shiny. For the iPhone series, we anticipate seeing 5 or 6 colors in versions of Midnight, Starlight, Sky Blue, Red, and Purple, and the rumored colors are Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Purple. Max Weinbach published a diagram on Twitter that shows the exact size of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

IPhone 14 Display

It seems that because iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have larger camera sensors, they will have thicker camera parts. A New 48MP camera will be instead of a 12MP primary sensor based on the rumors. Kuo asserted that the length of the 48MP module might be 25 to 35 percent bigger than the 12MP camera, and the height of the lens will increase about 5 to 10 percent in comparison with the iPhone 13 Pro.

As we said, this iPhone may be the first iPhone without any gap since iPhone 4 in 2017. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have an oval cutout where the selfie camera will be located in this oval cutout. Nevertheless, the Face ID dot will be covered by the display. iPhone 14 and 14 Max will definitely keep thinner cutouts from the iPhone 13 series.

Removing the physical SIM card slot is another rumor about iPhone 14 series. Instead, you can use dual eSIMs, but iPhone 14 devices with physical slots will be sold in the areas where eSIMs are unfamiliar to users.

IPhone 14 Display

We would like to see the Pro models feature a 120Hz refresh rate, while the non-pro versions come with 60Hz displays. Based on some rumors, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can have always-on displays, which represent significant features on display.  Apple company has experienced this before on Apple Watch; therefore, it will not be farfetched to see this feature on the next iPhone. LIPO OLED displays can provide this function.

IOS 16 has pointed to iPhone 14 that it has an always-on display. Based on the rumors, some adjustable widgets can locate on the lock screen as always-on displays alongside the clock on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. In the picture below, you can see a visualization of what how it might look like:

Take a look at the features of iPhone 14 series’ displays:

  • 6.1″ iPhone 14 with 60Hz narrow notch display
  • 6.7″ iPhone 14 Max with 60HZ narrow notch display
  • 6.12″ iPhone 14 Pro with 120Hz i-shaped punch-hole display, Always-on Display
  • 6.69″ iPhone 14 Pro Max with 120Hz i-shaped punch-hole display, Always-on Display

IPhone 14 Camera

As Ming-Chi Kou, the insider expert of Apple, said, the company is planning to upgrade the camera for the iPhone 14 series. In the main camera, Apple planned to bring a larger sensor, which will be about 1/1.3-inch 48MP. We expect that this feature will use for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Ming-Chi Kou added that the new iPhone might support 48MP and 12MP direct output at the same time. The CIS pixel size of the new 2H22 iPhone enhances about 2.5um with 12MP output. It is more extensive than iPhone 12 and 13 and Android phones. The size is close to the DSC level. It would be the largest sensor used in the camera of phones. It should provide high-quality images in low lights, especially at night with quad pixel-binning. Sony will supply these sensors, and LG is responsible for producing the camera modules for the iPhone 14.

IPhone 14 Camera

Moreover, the new sensor will provide an 8K video capture with the main camera, but we cannot be sure about it because experts said it might not happen. Current iPhones can only capture more than 4K video at 60 fps.

With the new improvements in iPhone 14 series, the price will go higher, but it is not a steep price. On the other hand, we expect that the series of iPhone 14 contains an auto-focusing camera in front, which allows the users to take selfies and video calls with higher quality. They claimed that the new front camera has an f/1.9 aperture rather than the previous one, which was f/2.2, but they do not determine the resolution.

IPhone 14 Price

The price of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be higher than previous iPhones, as the rumors said. The price depends on many factors like the features it provides and the overall price of inflation. The company is still checking the price increase, especially out of the United States. Considering all these actions happen, the prices will be like this:

iPhone model128GB of Storage256GB of Storage512GB of Storage1TB of Storage
iPhone 13 mini$699$799$999
iPhone 13$799$899$1099
iPhone 13 Pro$999$1099$1299$1499
iPhone 13 Pro Max$1099$1199$1399$1599
iPhone 14$799$899$999
iPhone 14 Max$899$999$1099
iPhone 14 Pro$1099$1199$1399$1599
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1199$1299$1499$1699

We can say that iPhone 14 Pro Max can have higher prices, but other models we do not expect higher prices.

IPhone 14 Battery and charging

It seems that the battery sizes of all iPhone 14 increased except 14 Pro Max, which is smaller if we consider its predecessor. IPhone 14 has a 3,279mAh battery, which is the same as the previous one. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro will have a 3,200mAh battery cell, which is 105mAh more than the iPhone 13 Pro.

IPhone 14 Battery and charging

The new iPhone, 14 Max, is about 4,325mAh battery which is the largest iPhone in the iPhone 14 series.

PhoneBattery size
iPhone 143,279mAh (vs 3,227mAh on iPhone 13)
iPhone 14 Max4,325mAh
iPhone 14 Pro3,200mAh (vs 3,095mAh on iPhone 13 Pro)
iPhone 14 Pro Max4,323mAh (vs 5,352mAh on iPhone 13 Pro Max)

About the charger, we anticipate that they might keep the 20W wired charger, but we do not know whether they might increase the charging speed or not. There are two rumors related to the charging system that we may see portless iPhones in the future, and the other one is exchanging the current Lightning port with USB-C. The portless iPhone may not happen in 2022, but the usage of USB-C is almost definite for 2023.

All four iPhone 14 series have MagSafe wireless charging. Nevertheless, we are not uncertain that the series will get reverse wireless charging, like the feature of many Android competitors. It may happen, and it could be reserved for Pro models, but still, it is not vivid.

Apple iPhone 14 software

IOS 16 will come with the family of iPhone 14. The company previewed the software at WWDC’22 on the stage. You should also read everything about iOS 16. Follow the options below to know more about these features:

  • Modifying Lock Screen with widgets, animated images, and cleaner notifications.
  • Having the feature of SharePlay in iMessage
  • Having more filters for Focus Mode
  • Having the option of edit, undo Send, and mark as Unread in iMessage
  • Possible to share digital keys in Wallet
  • Having Quick Actions with text captured from the camera
  • Option of Photos – pick up a subject from the background with Siri Knowledge
  • Having improved voice dictation with an on-screen keyboard

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