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TikTok 2022: How to View Your Liked Videos on the Platform

TikTok is one of the top social media websites which has a lot of users. It was the first application that allowed its users to share their creative ideas using one-minute videos. Moreover, creators try to create more attractive videos with tools in the application. Also, they can add slow-motion effects on TikTok. The question raises among users about how to view liked videos on TikTok?.

Liking videos on TikTok shows your appreciation for the content. It affects the algorithm of TikTok to see more related videos. But, do you have a problem finding videos you liked? In this article, we are going to tell you how to see liked videos on TikTok.

How to View Liked Videos on TikTok?.

Follow the steps below to know how to see liked videos on TikTok:

Step one: Open the TikTok application, which is the common step in finding liked videos on TikTok or any other application. You should open the application on your devices like your phone or any other device with a powerful internet connection and log in to your account

Step two: Select Profile. You can find TikTok videos on your homepage. On that page, you can find the icon Profile, which is located on the right-bottom side of the screen. Tap on the icon to proceed.

Step three: Tap on the icon of the heart with an eye. Below your name and username, you can see three icons, and the middle icon is the heart icon with an eye. If you tap on it, you can see the liked videos.

Step four: You will see liked videos here under the icon of heart with a grid view.

Who Can See Your Liked Videos?

Whenever you sign up for an account on TikTok, liked videos are assigned to private by default. Therefore, only you can see your liked videos. When a user tries to watch your liked videos, TikTok will not allow them, and it shows this statement that This User’s Liked Videos Are Private. However, you can change the settings. Follow the steps below to allow other users to see your liked videos by changing the privacy settings:

  1. Enter TikTok.
  2. Tap on Me/Profile on the bottom menu bar.
  3. After going to your profile, you can see a heart icon with a crossed eye on the middle menu bar. The crossed eye shows that your liked videos are private to other users.
  4. Select the Three Line on the top right corner of your profile.
  5. Go to Settings and Privacy.
  6. Enter Privacy.
  7. Scroll down and select Liked Videos.
  8. Choose who can watch your liked videos. By choosing Everyone option, you will allow all people to see your liked videos.

How to See Likes on Videos of Mine?

You can see all likes, comments, number of saved posts, and shares in TikTok videos themselves. The way you see your liked videos is the same as the way you see other users’ likes on their videos. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to TikTok.
  2. Open one of your videos from profile.
  3. Select the Heart icon on the right side of your video.

Under the heart icon, there is a number that shows the number of likes on your video. Check all videos on your profile to see how much you are popular and which video has the highest number of likes.

How to Like Videos and Follow Creators on TikTok

It is so easy to like videos and follow creators. Follow the steps below to like videos and follow creator:

  1. Tap on the heart icon to like the video.
  2. Tap on the icon of + to follow creators.

These are all you need to do for liking videos and follow creators. After following the creator, the videos of the creator will appear on For You page, and the creator will come on the following page.

How to Dislike a Video on TikTok

If you like something by accident or decide to take back your interaction, you can, unlike in the video. By tapping on the icon of the heart again, it will unlike the video. If you cannot find the video on the For You page, find your liked videos folder and then, unlike it. If your aim is not only unlike the video, but also you want to know TikTok’s algorithm to exclude similar content, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your For You page.
  2. Hit to find the video you no longer like.
  3. Long press in the video.
  4. Choose Not Interested in the opened menu to remove the video.

How to See What Others Like on TikTok

Seeing other users’ likes on TikTok is a great way to find viral videos and other attractive content. But, only some users let others see their likes, and this depends on the users’ privacy settings. Follow the steps below to see other users’ liked videos:

  1. Find a user. Choose one of your follows or other user and go to their profile page.
  2. Choose Liked Videos Tab. On the users’ profile page, select Liked Videos tab. Under profile information, you can find a heart icon. If you see a heart icon with a lock, it means that the user did not allow others to see their liked videos.
  3. The liked videos of the users will be shown in the Liked Videos section as a grid. If the user does not allow other people to see their liked videos, you can see the message of This User’s Liked Videos Are Private.


TikTok is an attractive application for its users. Do you use TikTok? Did you know how to view liked videos on TikTok? In your TikTok account, do you allow others to see your liked videos?


    1. When you like a video on Tik Tok

      First you will get suggestions related to this video

      And secondly, you become addicted to this topic or account ? guys, what are you doing, what question are you asking.

      After the video is liked, only the developer knows what’s going on in the app, as we know.

      To get the views you guys are asking, please don’t make Quora garbage, make it informative.


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