6 Simple Steps to Print Business Cards at Home

Many business owners underrate the power of business cards. A purposeful and suitable business card can be the best tool for your business or your market. These business cards are easy to carry and cost-effective, so it makes sense to have some business card for your business and market.

How to print business cards at home?

Until you have a suitable home printer, inkjet printer, or laser, you can save your money and make your business card only in a few minutes.

Here is an article about how to print business cards at home?.

Step 1 is to design your card in advance:

First of all, you need to pre-design your card, and you need to decide which information you want to put on it. Usually, the business cards contain this information:

  1. Title
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Email
  5. Phone number
  6. Fax

Some of them contain your picture, which can help users remember that they have met you.

Since some of these business cards are thrown away and end up in the trash, you need to add the information which attracts their attention to hold the business card as a reference.

For adding extra information, you need to pay attention to the size of your card. The business card’s size should be nearly 2 inches by 3 inches. If you add huge information to your business card, users won’t be able to read all of them. Also dding extra information will be added uselessly.

One of the good ways to prevail over this issue is to use a two-sided card. Although this can add a little more cost for printer ink, it can be a good way to add extra information.

Another point is about your card’s color and schemes. You might want to add your logo to your business card as well. you also need to choose a color for your card, and you might want to match it with your other marketing media like website, brochures and etc.

Note: If you are using a printer at home, it’s better to use a cream or white color instead of a multicolored or bright background.

There are some programs that you can use to design your business cards:

  1. Microsoft Word and Publisher Templates
  2. Canva
  3. Business Card Paper Template
  4. Google Chrome Business Card Maker

Design a business card with a Word Processor:

With a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can design your business card in just a few minutes. With that, you can use a template business card instead of formatting the sheet yourself. As an example, in Word, you need to search for “business card”in the template search field and then choose your favorite template.

Design a business card with free websites:

There are a lot of free websites which you can use to design your business card. The advantage of these websites over the word processor is that they are usually easier and faster than a word processor. They also have a diversity of templates with different backgrounds, so you can find your favorite one from them.

Some of these websites are listed below:

  1. Adobe Spark
  2. Canva
  3. BizCardMakr
  4. Google Chrome Business Card Maker

Design a business card with Business Card Paper Template:

Some companies that make card stock and business card paper give you a website link along with the business card paper you bought. On that website, you can download a matched template with your business card paper. An example of these companies is Avery.

Step 2 is to select your business card paper:

For business card paper, you have many options. It’s better to use a business card that is perforated in advance, so you will get rid of cutting it yourself.

Usually, the most common colors used in business cards are cream and white.

Step 3 is to choose a paper stock:

There is a different types of card stock. You can choose the most cost-effective one, or if you want the thicker cardstock you can choose a premium cardstock. Also, you can add a cover to it to make it thicker. Another option is plastic cardstock. This type is not seen these days, and you also need to check if your printer can work with it.

Step 4 is to choose a paper thickness:

Thicker cards are more strong than thinner cards. Usually, business cards have 14 points to 20 points. (each point is equal to 1/1000 of an inch.) the minimum business card thickness is 14 points, and the maximum is 32 points.

Step 5 is Paper Finish:

You have a choice between a glossy finish and a matte finish. The paper finish depends on your card’s scheme. If your card is colorful and Includes a lot of colors, you better use a glossy finish. If your card has black text, a matte finish would be better.

Note: Make sure that the paper you are going to buy, can be matched with your printer so your printer can be able to handle it. Each paper type is suitable for a specific printer.

Note: Most of the time, every business card paper contains 10 business cards on each page. so if you designed your business card, you better choose a business card layout that can match the template that you have used.

Step 6 is to print the business card:

When you have designed and created your business card, you need to print it.

Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, you need to print a test page. Since printing a business card uses a lot of ink, it is better to print a test page. You can print it on your business card paper. But if you don’t want to spoil your paper, you can try it with regular paper and when you make sure that everything is ok, you can try to print with your business card paper.
  2. Next, you need to check your printer settings and make sure it has been set to print with the type of your business card (glossy or matte) and set it on a high-quality printing. Make sure to set your printer on two-sided print if you use a two-sided business card. Another way is that, once you have printed the first side, you can turn it and print for the other side. Just make sure to put the paper on the correct side, so you can prevent printing on the side that you already printed on it.
  3. When you have printed a business card, make sure it looks fine, and then print more cards. But only print a few pages at a time. Sometimes depending on the amount of your ink, the next pages might not have good quality. So do not waste your business card paper on low-quality print.
  4. If you are using an inkjet printer, you should wait for some time to let the ink get dried.
  5. To separate the cards from the paper, you need to fold them along the perforated lines carefully. If you try to tear them too fast, it may cause uneven edges or tears on your business cards.

Note: If you need 100 business cards or more, it’s better to order them and buy them from a local printer or an online service like Vistaprint and Moo. Many of these companies offer a special discount, so you can easily purchase hundreds of your business cards in bulk at a lower cost than buying the card stock yourself.

Business cards are the most cost-effective method for business owners. Have you ever used a business card for your business or your market? Have you ever tried to print it yourself at home?

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