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How to Network Two Computers in Windows 7: Easy Guide

Networking means connecting several computers and peripherals to each other. Networking two computers allows you to share files, internet, printing devices and other information between two computers without the need for an intermediate storage device such as a flash drive, external hard drive, etc. Connecting two computers does not require specialized knowledge, and you can learn to network two systems by doing the things we describe below and easily transfer your information and share devices in a network.

In Windows 7, like other Windows, you can connect two computers to the network. By doing the following steps, you can connect to another computer without using a network cable, which is called a temporary wireless network.

You can easily understand how to network two computers in Windows 7 by following the steps below.

Computer 1:

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

DNS Servers:


Computer 2:

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

DNS Servers:


Note: that if you have enabled Internet connection sharing on one of the computers in question, here you can set the other computer to receive an IP address automatically, and at the end of that computer behind setting up the temporary wireless network, have internet.

To connect two computers, the first step is to set the wireless settings in Windows 7 on computer 1, so that computer 2, can connect to computer 1, wirelessly, and by doing this, you can now share the printer or file.

On Windows 7 Computer 1:

1. Open the Start and select Control Panel.

2. Click the Tasks option in the Control Panel and Network Status window.

Picture https://www.home-network-help.com/connect-two-computers.html

3. Network and Sharing Center window will appear, proceed to select Set up a new connection or network.

4. Set up a Connection or Network window will appear, choose Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network option and select Next.

5. The content you see in this window is about the wireless network, and be careful that for a proper connection to live set between two computers, both computers must be within 30 feet of each other. Select Next.

6. In this section, you must fill in the network specifications, for example, choose the type of security, name your network ad hoc, and set the security key if needed. Click on the option to manage it. Select Next.

Note: Although you can choose No authentication (Open), WEP, and WPA2-Personal as security types, I advise you to use WPA2-Personal as this is the most secure security type.

7. Here, a window will be displayed where you can see that the wireless ad hoc network is being created, and this wireless ad hoc network window will show you the security key and name information, and note that this information is used to connect other computers to this network.

Note: that it is possible to return to the Network and Sharing Center window forever, and to be able to manage more of this wireless network, click on the wireless network management section.

8. Go to computer 2 and search for an available wireless network and connect to it.

9. Once the connection is established, you will be requested to select the HomeGroup and network location type on computer  you are advised to choose the home network as the network location type because the other computer is secure.

In this section, you need to connect two computers and ping the other connected computer, and then you can continue sharing files if you want.


By doing the above steps, you can easily connect two computers to the network.

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