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How to Network Two Computers in Windows 10: Step-by-Step Guide

Connecting two Windows 10 computers in a network can be helpful and is used in many situations, for example, when you do not have a wireless network or you do not have security and trust and you want to share games and files. Use this method

This step to do this is to use a router or hub, and another method is to connect a cross Ethernet cable from one device to another device, the steps of both methods are the same.

Note that both computers must be connected to the same computer and depending on the type of connection you use, the connection type is not the same and is different.

It is said here that How to network two computers in Windows 10?

To communicate, you must configure the two adapters after connecting. To do this, you must:

1. Go to Control Panel and browse to Control Panel.

2. Open Network and Internet.

3. Click on Network and Sharing Center.

4. Select Change adapter settings.

network two computers in Windows 10

5. Right- select your Ethernet device and click on properties.

 6. In the adapter properties, double select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

How to network two computers in Windows 10

7. Set the IP address to be

8. Subnet Mask to be on the first device.

Here, the IP address must be and your subnet mask must be the same as the mask of the first host. You must select OK to save the changes you made until you return to the list of network adapters.

How to network two computers in Windows 10

When IP addresses are assigned, two computers are connected.

9. Go back to Network and Sharing Center.

10. Select Change advanced sharing settings on the left-hand side.

Note that in the advanced settings menu, the option to turn on network discovery and Turn on automatic setup of network-connected devices connected to the network must be enabled.

How to network two computers in Windows 10

By enabling network discovery on Windows 10 devices, you can now identify each other and communicate through network rules.

And if you want to connect to the FTP server of the game and the web, you must do this.

If you want to share your files here using the Windows file sharing features, you must go to the network discovery menu that you have activated, then activate the options file and printer sharing, and remember you need to configure the folders and files you want to share.

How to Connect Two Computers Wirelessly?

To establish a wireless connection between two computers that have wireless cards, you can use their wireless cards. Do the following steps.

 1.Open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.

2.Select the Setup a new connection or network link.

Connect Two Computers Wirelessly

3. Select a new window to set up the wireless network  (computer-to-computer).

4. It is recommended that you name the network and select a security type and then set the security key. Be sure to do this. If not, the network disconnection will temporarily disappear.

5. To view the newly created network, you can go to the list of wireless networks, and if you connect it, you can see the waiting for user information next to the network name. Just connect another computer to the network.

Now you can share your desired data between computers.

Note: If your computer is Windows 10 and the other computer is not Windows 10, for example, Windows 7 or higher, you can easily share pictures, movies, music, printers, and documents using HomeGroup features.

Do the following steps.

1. Enter HomeGroup in the search and result field.

2.  Select Create a HomeGroup.

3. Choose what to share.

Connect Two Computers Wirelessly

4. After receiving the HomeGroup password,Select Finish.

Then you have to allow the other computer to join the HomeGroup. To do this, you have to do the same things as above, but you have to note that instead of creating a new group, you have to join the existing HomeGroup.

5. Open Windows Explorer.

6. Select HomeGroup and shared folders will appear there.

In this section, there is all the information about connecting 2 computers to share files. You can choose whether you want to set up a temporary wireless network or use an Ethernet cable.


By doing the above steps, you can easily connect two computers to the network. Do you know other ways?

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