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Instagram 2022: How to Create Your Own Location on the Platform

Many Instagram users like to share their great times with their followers around the world. The question that arises here is how to make your own location on Instagram. This application allows the users to share everything they want, but showing is not enough because followers want to know where you recorded these scenes. If you search for locations you cannot find a long list, the application allows you to be specific about the place you are in. If you cannot find the location, you can make the location yourself.

For having your own location, you need to do it with the Facebook application instead. You may need to go to Facebook on your mobile phone or PC and contend the location as your business if you cannot find the new location you made on Instagram.

How to Make Your Own Location on Instagram? or How to Make a Custom Location on Instagram

  • Go to Facebook application.
  • Hit Check-in.
  • Go to Facebook application.
  • Hit Check-in.
  • Scroll down and tap on Add a new place.
how to make custom location on Instagram
  • Type the location’s name you want to add in the search bar. Also, you have address and city selection which are optional to complete. Another option is Map Location.
  • Tap on map location to find and hit the exact place.
  • Press Save Custom Place.

After creating a custom location, it automatically makes a business profile page. If you cannot see your newly created location, the reasons may be because your location takes a few hours to show on Instagram, Facebook does not recognize your location as a valid place since the limited details provided, or you did not claim your business profile page.

Is It Possible to Create a Location on Instagram without Facebook?

At present, there is not any other way to create your location without Facebook. You can just use the limited locations that have already been available on the application. Nevertheless, it does not consider a bad thing necessarily because many brands or individual users have made fun and relevant names for you to use on your posts. For example, a brand used the Coffee Time location to use for various coffee beverages.

Location name can be another signal for creating more interests in your brand.

Why Instagram Uses the Location System of Facebook?

About nine years ago, Facebook bought Instagram, and Instagram could develop itself with the help of Facebook developers. Nowadays, Instagram challenges its parent company. In early 2019, they updated some features about Direct Messages and Stories like typing fonts and GIF stickers.

By the end of January, a piece of flash news came up by users of social media users. This news was about the screenshot feature of Story. This feature is being tested by some users. We can easily understand that they always try to provide more features, especially old Facebook features.

How to Add Location to Instagram Story

  • Swipe left to go to Story section.
  • Click on the emoji icon.
  • Search for the Location.
  • Search your location by name or address.
  • Choose your location
  • Place the location where you want on your Story.
How to Make a Custom Location on Instagram

Advantages of a Location Tag for Your Business

The custom location brings exposure to your business, and also it will put the business on the map for other social media users. More exposure leads to more customers, and more customers bring more profit.

How does a Location Create Exposure for Your Business

Locations work in the same way as hashtags. It means that users find specific places using some keywords or phrases. For example, I want a cup of coffee from my apartment in Los Angeles. Maybe I want to try another coffee shop, or I am new to the place, and I want to order coffee. I can use Instagram to find a business that sells coffee. As you can see in the picture, just a simple search can help you find the locations near you to make coffee.

Therefore, if you create a location and share your business on the map, it will enhance the chance that people will see your business more.

What Happened If Your Location Does Not Appear in an Instagram Location Search?

Sometimes users have problems with having locations on Instagram. The problems are like that they might appear and then disappear, or they never appear at all even if you checked it on Facebook. If you have the same problem, try the troubleshooting tips below:

  1. Check in again. Sometimes it takes more times for Facebook to recognize the location and transfer it to Instagram.
  2. Search a location.
  3. Press horizontal three-dots
  4. Select suggest edits.
  5. In the opened page, click on category.
  6. In update category, remove or add a new category.
  7. To add the new category, click on Add Category.
  8. In search bar, look for new category.
  9. Wait and give it time.  Sometimes it takes time for Instagram locations to be updated. If you wait for an hour and still you cannot see the location, try other tips.
how to make a custom location on Instagram
How to Make a Custom Location on Instagram

The Usages of Instagram GeoTags

  • Using Geotags to Absorb Unstable Business

Many travelers plan for their business trips. This action is mostly true about hotels, beds and breakfasts, resorts, and hostels. The accessibility of photos, high user engagement (UGC), nearby accommodations, and Instagrammable culture attracted trip planners. Other business types consider specialty tours, sports adventures, 4-star restaurants, golf courses, and custom shopping destinations. If you can show your business creatively, you can assert your location.

  • Engage your Customers or Find Crossover Marketing Partners

Whenever you turn on your Geotag, not only you can be found, but also you can search and find customers too. For example, a hotel may report about a park and mention that it is only a few miles away. This is a perfect way to build relationships.

  • Intsagram keeps improving

Another option about Instagram is that it does not show any sign of slowing down. Currently, about 33 percent of internet traffic is related to Instagram usage. If you have a small business, you have already used Instagram, but there is more to learn. Therefore, you can start with the location tag. 


Making your own location is not a hard task. Just you need a Facebook page. Do you think creating your location can impact your business? Do you prefer to use the available locations or use your own location?

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