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Solving Second Monitor Not Detected Issue on Windows 8: Easy Fixes

Windows and graphics cards together allow this user to have two or more monitors on the same system at the same time.

But sometimes you may encounter the problem that your second monitor is not recognized by Windows.

You are sure of the health of the second monitor and the output of the card to which you connect the monitor, and you are even sure of the interface card between the monitor and the card that everything is healthy.

But you have the problem of not recognizing the second monitor.

In this article, we want to explain how to fix the Second Monitor not detected on Windows 8.

Method 1: Check your Connections

If the second monitor is not detected in your Windows 8, the first possibility is that there may be a physical problem, we suggest you go to the physical problems first, then if everything is correct, go to the software problems.

In this section, you should check all the physical connections to see if the cables used are correct or suitable for your computer.

To check your connections, you can do the following steps:

1.  Go to the CPU .

2. Unplug all VGA or HDMI cables.

3. Then turn off your monitor.

4.  Connect the appropriate display cable to your monitor.

5. And finally, restart your computer, then check if the second monitor is already working or not.

Method 2: Reinstall your Display Drivers

If you’ve checked your monitor cables and made sure they’re all correct and connecting correctly, there’s a chance that there’s a software issue that’s causing the second monitor to not be recognized in Windows 8.

1.  Hit on Windows Key + S.

2. Search for Device Manager.

3. Go to the Device Manager.

4.  In  Device Manager, find Display Adapters and expand them.

5. Under Display Adapters, Right click on your video card then choose Uninstall Drivers.

6. Restart your computer.

7. Visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website.

8.  Download and install the appropriate graphics driver.

9. After you install the graphics card driver, restart your computer for the changes to take effect, then check if the secondary display is already detected.

Method 3: Force Display Detection

1. Hit Windows Key.

2.  Select the Windows Settings icon.

3. Select the System, on Windows settings.

4. On the side menu, select Display.

5. Scroll down and find multiple displays.

6. Select the Detect option.

7. When you click on the detect option, Windows will automatically recognize your secondary display.

If you did the above steps, but still your secondary display could not be recognized by Windows, the problem may be related to the hardware.

Try using your secondary display as your primary display and see if it works.

If you did this and the monitor was working, there is a problem with your graphic card ports or video cable. In this case, we suggest you take your computer to a service center to check your graphics card and ports.

Method 4: Roll Back Drivers

If you have recently installed your Windows updates and are experiencing a problem with your display, you can roll back the drivers to fix this problem.

To do this, you can follow the steps below:

1.Hit on Windows Key + S.

2. Search for the device manager.

3. Go to the Device Manager.

4.  In Device Manager, find Display Adapters, then expand it

5. Right-click on your video card and choose the properties.

6. Go to the Drivers tab in the Properties section.

7. Select Roll Back Driver.

8. Now a pop-up window will appear asking you why you want to roll back your drivers.

Choose the Previous version of the driver that performed better.

9. Select the Yes option

10. After rolling back your drivers, now you need to restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved.


By following the mentioned steps, you can effortlessly fix the second monitor that is not recognized in Windows 8.

Have you used these steps to fix the second monitor that is not recognized in Windows 8?

What other solution do you know to fix the second monitor that is not recognized in Windows 8?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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