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Discovering Hidden Gems: How to Find Hidden Files on Windows 10

According to the factory settings in Windows 10, files and folders are not automatically accessible and viewable.

A number of users have a question about how to find hidden files on Windows 10?.

These files are the cases where the Windows system hides necessary files and folders so that they are not easily visible. Its purpose is to prevent people from changing or deleting them suddenly, which will cause harmful damage to the system and cause damage. the system, but there are other things that the system hides, such as things that people themselves have hidden, and necessary and special programs that you have installed, Windows puts them in the hidden category by default.

If you need to find the folders and files that are hidden, do it according to the mentioned steps.

How to find hidden files on Windows 10

If you want to find hidden folders and files, you should go to the section File Explorer But there is another way that is easier and faster like the hit the windows + E key with the E key or go to the shortcut section of the taskbar, then at the top of the window File Explorer Select and check the items you want in the visible and hidden section.

find hidden files on Windows 10

Then, by performing the mentioned steps, hidden files and folders that are installed and used by programs in Windows 10 will be displayed.

Reminder: If you want to hide your file or folder that others cannot easily access and is hidden from the eyes.

Here are the steps you can take to hide files to increase the security of your file or folder.

How to make a hidden file

The steps you take to find hidden files are slightly different from the steps you take to find files you want to hide but it should be like finding hidden files first File Explorer goes and see the View tab at the top of the window, Then tap Opinion on the right flank.

 make a hidden file

By performing this operation, the Opinion folder window will open. The page that opens has many settings for File Explorer. Here, go to the View tab. In the advanced settings section, select the area that says hide protected files of the operating system and remove a tick.

 make a hidden file

In the continuation of work, Windows will warn the user that to show the protected operating system files, you have selected the hidden and system files in File Explorer, click on the word, yes to complete the operation.

 make a hidden file

Finally, on the Opinion folder window, tap OK or Apply to save the settings you have made.


By following the steps above, you can see the hidden files, or for greater security, hide your files so that they are not accessible to others.

But we recommend that you do not display the files and folders that are hidden by your operating system to protect them from damage. Why do you want to see the hidden things on the computer?

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