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Secure Your System: How to Enable Secure Boot on Windows 7

If you want to know how to configure UEFI, you need to disable secure boot and change UEFI operating system settings.

After doing this, at this point your system is ready to be set up. There are several steps that you should follow.

If you need to configure UEF for secure boot in Windows 7. You can access the System Configuration menu by clicking the right arrow key.

After, type the four-digit boot code in the Boot Options box. Hit Enter to confirm your selection.

After entering the code, you can exit UEFI. If you want to change the sequence boot, you can enable Google Secure boot.

 Enable Secure Boot Windows 7

Some systems have two boot modes: BIOS and UEFI.

Normally, Windows computer boots in BIOS mode, but note that to enable safe boot, make sure that your hard disk must be formatted in the correct operating system mode.

If your hard disk is not formatted correctly, Windows installation may fail. You can change this state by deleting the files that are in the UEFI partition. You can also configure Windows Setup or Windows PE to boot in UEFI mode.

  1. Remove any hardware, operating systems or photo cards that do not comply with Secure Boot.
  2. Go to PC BIOS menu.
  3. In your BIOS menu find the Secure Boot setting.
  4. Set it to Disabled, if possible.
  5. This option is usually on the Security tab, the Verification tab or the Getting Started tab.
  6. Save changes and exit. PC restarts.
  7. Insert a hardware, operating system or photo card that does not support Secure Boot.

Last Words

In this article, you learned how to enable secure boot in Windows 7. By following the steps, you can keep your computer safe from malware and other things.

What other solutions do you know to enable secure boot in Windows 7?

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