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6 Easy Ways to Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows

Sometimes it is tough to use some files that are hardly open on the computer. One of them is the format of HEIC that you may have problems using it. Therefore, you need to know how to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows?. Here, there are some ways presented for you to help you convert HEIC to JPG.

What is HEIC Format?

Apple gives the name HEIC to the container of the HEIF, which stands for High-Efficiency Image File, and it is an image format. HEIC is based on High-Efficiency Video Compress (HEVC) video format. It is possible to inactivate HEIC on the iPhone. But, after publishing IOS 11, it became the default photo storage format.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows

There are some ways presented about how to convert HEIC to JPG:

Convert by Using Windows Photos App

The Windows Photo App is the only thing you need to convert HEIC to JPG. Updating the Windows to in build 17123 lets you find HEIC extensions. Therefore, ensure that you use an updated Windows. Follow the steps below to use the Windows Photo Viewer:

  • Go to your File in the Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Select Edit & Create.
  • Choose Edit.
  • Hit Save a Copy.

In this part we do not edit, and it is the time just to convert. But, if you need to crop, rotate or add filters it would be nice to do it here.

  • Find a location to save your data.
  • Now, you file will save as JPG. But, you can have the original HEIC file too. 

Convert by Using CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

This application is for Windows 7 and 8 users to use HEIC images. Of course, these Windows do not have the support of HEIC. Therefore, this application can convert HEIC to JPG but not PNG. Follow the steps below to use it:

  • Download CopyTrans Photo.
  • Ensure that you Apple device is connected your PC, and all the photos are on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter Settings.
  • Select Transfer in Most Compatible Format (JPEG) option.
  • Find a place to locate HEIC images you like to transfer.
  • Click on Apply Changes to save the photos.

Convert by Using Paint

You can get Trusty Old Paint form Microsoft Store, ant it will surprise you by its capabilities. You can open, edit and save HEIC in any formats.

Follow the steps below to use it:

  1. Go to HEIC file in paint.
  2. Hit File.
  3. Click on Save As.
  4. Select Save as Type.
  5. Choose the JPG file format.

Convert by Using HEIC Converter Free

It is a practical and free program to convert HEIC format to JPG. You can choose the quality of the picture before your conversion or remove Exif data during conversion. And the last feature is the support of resizing.

You can choose 100% item without being blurred and keep its quality. To keep the high quality, the best options are more than 85%. This free converter lets you convert HEIC to JPG or PNG.

Convert by Using iMazing HEIC Converter

It is also another tool for converting HEIC to JPG and PNG. iMazing HEIC Converter is ad-free and simple to use.

Besides its ability to convert HIEC to JPG or PNG, it has some other features such as dragging and dropping HEIC files or folders, being fast and easy to use, preserving EXIF metadata, and supporting color profiles.

Convert by Using Automatic Transfer Mode

Unlike other applications, this one is a built-in IOS setting. It allows automatic conversion during transferring to Windows 10 through USB. It means that photos convert to JPG automatically while importing images with the Photo app.

Convert by Using HEIC Image Converter Tool

You can find this application on the Windows store. It supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG formats. It is a great way to do conversions. It is an easy tool to use for converting HEIC to JPG.

You should select image. Then, choose the output format, and convert image.

Convert by Using iMobie HEIC Converter

This is another application for Windows to convert HEIC files to JPG. All you should do is upload the HEIC file and get the JPG file. It keeps the quality of the file after converting. It is easy to use because all actions can be done in less than a minute.

Convert by Using HEIC to JPEG Web App

You can use HEIC to JPG Web App if there are not many images to convert.

The good point about it is that, you do not need to download any software, and it is a great drag-and-drop tool for moving your images into the box.

How to Use Web to Convert HEIC Files to JPEG

Sometimes you do not want to download any application on your system. Therefore, the best option is an online conversion tool. The only thing you should do is to upload the HEIC file and then receive the conversion and download it. Therefore, you can simply go to HEICtoJPG.com and upload more than five photos at the same time. You can drag and drop one or more HEIC files to the web page. The website converts the files to JPEG, and you can download the results as JPG files.

If you find it tough to convert HEIC files, you can set the preview of your iPhone as JPEG, but you should know that HIEC images have higher quality in smaller sizes. HEIC is a modern image format, and try to use the applications which support it.

Warning: Although websites are safe, it is better not to upload any private images to online tools especially be careful if the content of the photo is sensitive. Therefore, do not upload any PDF with sensitive financial and business data. 


As we presented in this article, you can see there are many ways to convert HEIC to JPG in Windows. Have you ever tried any methods above? Which one do you think is more practical? You can try any methods above that fits you most.

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