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The Ultimate Guide: How Telegram Channels Can Make Money (2022)

What is a Telegram channel?

in their thematic groups. The owners of these channels can share any content such as posts, messages, photos, etc. The channel’s followers cannot share any content, and only admins can share the content. But, subscribers can participate in polls, vote, click on the links and increase the view of the post.Telegram channels were created to share content with subscribers based on the channels’ subjects

What is a Telegram group?

Telegram groups were created to interact with the subscribers. Generally, Telegram groups are made for users to chat with each other and exchange messages with other members of the group. Due to sending messages by lots of people in a group at the same time, it is hard to use groups for sharing content. Nevertheless, one of the advantages of Telegram groups is that it is possible to connect with subscribers and get feedback from them.

How to make the most of your Telegram channel?

How to make the most of your Telegram channel?

There are some ways presented below to use Telegram in the best way during making money from it.

Find the niche

There are many channels, and it is hard to attract the same audience as the big channels. People must not make a channel with a general topic, and it is better to find a niche to make it more specific. It is a great idea to search for keywords and other channels to know your competitors and stay in the competition.

One of the main mistakes of Telegram admins is that they set a logo with too many details and information which is not a good idea. Moreover, they must not use any actual pictures of people or other things.

Use keywords in a channel name

One of the powerful tools is keywords that reflect the channel niche and name your channels appropriately. A branded name is not suitable for a channel name unless your brand is popular.

Post consistently

It is perfect to have a strategy for your content. New content must be shared each day to keep interactions with subscribers. It is not good to share a post only once a month because you will lose the subscribers over time.

How to make the most of your Telegram channel?

Don’t post too much

If you intend to post 15 new posts each day, stop making a channel. The more you post, the more subscribers will mute your channel since the non-stopping notifications get the subscribers annoyed. After muting the channel, the views will be fewer and fewer therefore the active users will be fewer. If your posts only view 10 out of 1000, how possible to send your services and advertisements?

Publish unique content

It is not professional to copy-paste the content of other channels or the Internet. The reason is that people have already seen it, and disrespecting the copyright rules is not good. At least if you publish other people’s content, validate the author. Your creativity and your knowledge can make your channel viral.

Automate with Telegram bots

If you use Telegram to advertise your products and services, the procedure of selling and consulting can be more comfortable. Make a free bot for common questions and responses. It can be instead of a manager who can answer the same questions every day. You can gather new orders and viewers without any endeavor.

Create both – channel and group

If you cannot decide what to create for your business or content, make both channel and group. For instance, AppsGeyser has a channel for sharing news and updates, and a group for users to find the answers to their questions, solve the problems, and help each other. The best strategy of Telegram for making money is to please its users in every situation.

Use Telegram for promotion of other social media links

If you have a Facebook Page, Instagram account, or even WhatsApp group, don’t doubt to send links of them to your channel every once in a while. The users may leave one of these platforms, and this is the best way to keep your connection with them.

Don’t change your channel concept

If you have a channel about a particular subject, do not use the content on another topic since it is the fastest way to lose your subscribers. If you want a channel with a new topic, make the channel from the beginning. You can advertise the channel on your primary channel.

How do Telegram channels make money?

How do Telegram channels make money?

Telegram does not pay for creating channels or groups, and there is not any program inside related to it. By the way, it was announced in late 2020 that Telegram started making an atmosphere for the users to make money very soon. This application plans to present advertisements on public channels. Telegram is a popular platform for advertising, even without an official opportunity to make money. Nowadays, people make thousands of dollars every month by selling their products, services, and advertisements on their channels.

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Telegram monetization strategies for users’ channels

Sell services and products

If you are a dependent seller or you have your own brand, you can always advertise your products and services to the users of Telegram and get more customers. Basically, Telegram is the same as other running social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but it has a higher interaction rate. The view rate in Telegram channels can be about 30%, while on other social platforms it is less than 10%. Telegram is a content-based platform, so if you want to be at the top of your business, you have to think about the users’ needs and present classy content to satisfy them.

As a concession, subscribers by default get notifications of updates constantly. There is no need to set notifications manually which means that the subscribers will not miss your offers, news, updates, discounts, etc.

It is clear that the more subscribers you have in your channel, you have more opportunities to get new online subscribers and in addition, make more money on Telegram. Telegram is a new marketing application and it has a definite chance to face a low level of competition. Even you can make the selling process more comfortable and automated by bot.

Bots of Telegram can help you to make money with less endeavor. It can gather the orders, get the users’ information, accept payments, let the users know about recommendations, present immediate customer support, set appointments, etc. All of these functions of the bot are free. If you do not have any products or services for selling, you can use popular ideas for making money from Telegram such as selling educational services, marketing, or consulting. Also, you can join dependent programs of Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart, Udemy, or another platform to create a specific store. Just make some efforts and grow your Telegram earnings.

How do Telegram channels make money?

Sell ads

One of the popular ways of making money is advertising posts and paid posts on the Telegram channel. If you have more than 50k subscribers, you can sell your advertising posts to other Telegram channels. The cost of advertising depends on two factors, the duration of the advertisement and the number of subscribers in a channel. The costs can be different between 1 to 48 hours of sharing an advertisement, and if you share it in a short time, the effects are minor. Many of the owners of Telegram channels or groups intend to share advertisements for 24 hours. Therefore, making your prices for this time duration will be more charming.

The same math procedure can work for the number of subscribers in channels and groups. Whenever you have subscribers, you can have a higher price. You can obtain 500-700 dollars through advertising other channels and products. But, to get this result, you have to have good content in your channel. Therefore, the subscribers will engage with the content you share. The owners of most popular channels make money thousands of dollars online every month by selling paid posts by linking to other channels.

You can sell your content to users to access the content. It usually works like you have a public channel for getting a lot of followers and a private channel with featured content. It is allowed access to the private channel with a special link for those who pay subscription fees. In this way, you can earn money monthly and have a source of income. InviteMember is a service to let you make your paid subscription business automatic with the Membership Bot Platform. You can receive payments by different payment portals in your channel or your group and allow the bot to control your memberships and other exhausting tasks.

Sell your channel

You can sell your Telegram channel to another person if you have enough subscribers. Set a suitable price and make cash by giving your ownership to another potential customer. Afterward, you can make another channel, develop it and sell it. This technique is a different business on Telegram. Channel’s income can be varied from 50 to 5000 dollars. If your channel has engaging members, you can sell the channel at a higher price.


These techniques are beneficial for making money through the Telegram channel or group. But for achieving more income through selling content, advertisements, or channels you must have a higher number of members. This mathematic rule considers if you have more members, you will have more income.


    1. You can earn money in telegram in many ways. Telegram does not pay money regardless of whether you have millions of subscribers or not. But instead of all this, many earn huge sums only with the help of telegram. So how is this possible?

      This is only possible if you use the app wisely. In simple words, first increase the number of your subscribers, how? All right! you need to upload content that has a lot of traffic. This will definitely help you increase the number of your subscribers.

      when you get your subscribers, now is the time to make money

      you can post your affiliate link on your channel.
      If you have your own website, you can use your telegram channel to generate traffic.
      You can sell products there.
      If you have millions of subscribers, you can also sell your telegram channel.

      I hope you get an answer 🙂

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