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Unleashing the Power of Telegram: How to Make Money on the Platform

How do I make money on Telegram?

Through searching about Telegram, you will understand that Telegram is one of the best and most popular applications for messaging and making money online. At first, it is beneficial to know about the ways to take advantage of Telegram. Here in this text, we will tell you how to make money by a Telegram account.

The first way to make money with Telegram is to subscribe to join programs from important online shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. By creating a Telegram channel and advertising on that, you can share dependent links and earn a commission for every sale. If you do not have time to develop your Telegram channel, you can straightly sell your products through bots and groups. In this way, you can send advertisements and start to make money by selling your products to those people who are interested in your goods.

How do Telegram channels make money

How to make money with Telegram and Amazon?

The first way to earn money with a dependent Telegram channel is to register on Amazon. Amazon lets you advertise your products and services and gain a small commission for selling each product. Also, Amazon allows you to earn money even if the sale happens within 24 hours, and you click on the dependent link for the products except for the sponsored ones. Here a practical example was presented.

If you advertise the sale of a cell phone and a subscriber opens his dependent link without completing buying the product, this click will stay in the memory for 24 hours. You will earn a commission if the user purchases any other products for sale on Amazon in 24 hours. The commission based on the type of product purchased. For instance, by buying a CD, a commission will be 5% of the product’s price, while for electrical devices, it will be 3.5%.

To connect to the official website of Amazon, you can enter the account’s detail in the area of an Email address or mobile phone and your password. If you do not have an account, you need to register on the site. To register to the site, you need to complete the Account Information and then press the item of Complete your registration to create your Amazon affiliate account.

After that, enter the name of the products you want to advertise in your Telegram channel in the Keyword or ASIN / ISBN section exists on the main page of your account. Select Get the link related to the product or product category to create an Amazon affiliate link.

You can connect to the Amazon affiliates from your cell phones and tablets. However, there is not a specific application for the affiliate program. You need to use the browser on your device like Chrome on Android or Safari on IOS.

To link to the Amazon products, you want to advertise, open your Telegram, connect to the previous channel, and put the link in question in the Messages section. To control your earnings and the number of clicks on the link, you can connect the report part to your Amazon affiliate account.

How do Telegram channels make money

How to sell on Telegram

If you want to discharge the items you have, selling on Telegram is a solution to earn money. There are bots and groups of Telegram allow you to send sales declaration and have some private discussion with the interested buyer.

How to earn money with Telegram bots?

If you want to use the best bots to send your declaration, go to the chat section of Telegram and enter your username @VendoComproSchange_bot in the section of Search messages or users at the top and choose the bot.

In the new screen, select Start, and then I Agree. For making your first sales announcement, press the Insert ad. Later, follow the instruction on the screen and enter the topic of your advertisement and the description of the product you want to sell. If you decide to set the price, choose between the options of Yes or No. Determine your contact details like phone, email, and Telegram Nickname, upload the price product, and press Yes to send your advertisement.

The text will post on Vendo Compro Scambio, which is related to the bot. The interested users in your article connect with you, and you can control your sales privately. If you start your bot again, choose the option My ads, and you can see and manage your list.

How to make money with Telegram groups?

If you want to win with Telegram groups during sales advertisements, first you should open the application and go to the chat section. After that, in the search field, enter the words like bargain market, sales advertisement, online selling, etc. in order to connect sales announcement groups. After noticing your groups, tap your name and select the join option. Join the group and advertise your advertisement. At this stage, you have to read about the group rules if it considers any rules. It is the grade you can find all the information you need regarding the sale advertisements. After that, write your sale message in the message box with your contact details and press the presenter to send your announcement.

How to earn money with Telegram channels?

You can begin to use Telegram as a user or a Channel owner. To make money from Telegram, you need to create a Telegram channel. Anyone can make a channel on Telegram by following some simple instructions. There are two types of a channel on Telegram, which are private and public.

Public channels are available on a global search. To earn money and make your channel popular, you need to create a public channel. Also, there are some ways for earning money such as making a Telegram channel for other people, increasing the followers of other people’s channels, and leadership of other people’s channels. Also, there are some ways like Producing engaging content for channels of people, designing a bot, and online marketing through a channel, building educational channels, selling educational booklets, and setting up a channel to get ads from others.

How do Telegram channels make money


Telegram is a popular application among people for making money. There are a lot of ways that people can earn money through different sections of Telegram like channels, groups, bots, and affiliate sites. If you are looking for a way to make money from the online platform, Telegram can be a great choice.




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