Using Credit Cards in Qatar: Your 2022 Guide

Regarding the holding of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, many tourists and fans are concerned about using their credit cards in Qatar.

Can I Use My Credit Card in Qatar? 2022 Guide

In this article, we will review this issue. Also, we will answer many tourists’ questions like Can I use my credit card in Qatar? and so on.

Does Qatar accept Mastercard?

All the banks in Qatar present debit cards and customers’ cash, which can be used in all branches of the same bank. They can also be used at other banks by arrangement.

A credit card supplies access to credit funds up to a specific limit, based on, which depending on the specific conditions of repayment, the interest fee is charged.

A charge card offers analogous facilities but limits the validity period (usually to one month). Mastercard and Visa are the most accepted credit cards all around the world. Also, they are the most common cards issued by Qatar banks. It is necessary to have the name of Visa or Mastercard on an unknown Arabic bank card when you travel to other regions. Credit cards, like those that are issued by Diners Club and American Express, are almost accepted and also they are available in the Gulf.

zaha haddid al janoub stadium qatar world cup 2022

The yearly fee for a charge card or a credit card differs by the issuing bank, but it is usually around $15 (£10). But this will increase for gold cards that are providing superior levels of credit. Some cards have extra benefits like life insurance and travel insurance. Some cards supply a scoring system that rises with the amount of purchase, travel rebate, points regained for consumer goods, etcetera. Using a charge card or credit card can preserve you against a faulty purchase or company failure. If your card supports this kind of protection, you should transact most purchases with a card.

All the charge cards and credit cards let you access cash from ATMs. You may benefit from an exchange rate between the business or tourist rate, although you may probably experience a fee for the cash transaction. In some cases, not only having a credit card is helpful, but also it is necessary. For example, when you want to reserve a hotel or hire a car. It is important to have the telephone number of the card company. Because when your card is stolen or lost, you should report it to the bank or issuing company. Also you have to report it to the police when your card is stolen.

Can I use my Visa card in Qatar?

When you open a bank account in Qatar, you will have an access to a free debit card. The most common debit cards issued by the banks are Visa and Mastercard. You can use these cards for your online purchase, purchase, and withdrawal of cash.

Mostly Visa and Mastercard are usual in Qatar. When you open an account, you will not receive it immediately. And first, you need to request and give additional documents to the bank. The yearly fee may differ depending on your credit limit, which is, based on your salary.

You can use your foreign card in Qatar as well, but this will be subject to currency fluctuations. Also, be careful that all the credit cards do not work with a magnetic strip, so you cannot make a transaction.

The department stores do not issue their own credit cards because of the cash culture that stays in Qatar. But still, you will need your credit card to reserve a hotel or hire a car.

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Can I use my credit card at Doha airport?

The Doha Hamad Airport (DOH) is an international airport which is located in Doha, Qatar. This airport is located around 3.1 miles east of the older Doha International Airport. Doha airport opened on 30/4/2014.

Doha Airport has an area of 2,200 hectares and provides two runways. This airport is the heart of Qatar Executive, Qatar Airways, and Qatar Cargo.

Doha Airport phone number: +974 4010 6666

Doha Airport website

You can use your credit card at Doha Airport. Here is a list of ATMs and banks in Doha Hamad Airport:


Ahlibank ATM: This ATM works seven days a week around the clock, and it is located in

  • Departures, by Food Court
  • Taxi Pavilion

Telephone number: +974 4420 5222

Qatar National Bank (QNB) ATM: This ATM works seven days a week around the clock, and it is located in

  • Departures area
  • Arrival Hall Baggage Area, Arrival Lvl G

Telephone number:  +974 4440 7777

The Intl Bank of Qatar (IBQ) ATM: This ATM works seven days a week around the clock, and it is located in

  • Concourse B, Departures
  • near the HIA Cargo Terminal
  • Arrivals, Baggage Reclaim Area
  • Taxi Pavilion


HSBC ATM: This ATM works seven days a week around the clock, and it is located in

  • Arrival Hall Baggage Area, Arrival Lvl G
  • Departure Lvl 1, Passenger Terminal Complex

Telephone number:  +974 4441 1550 (Customer hotline)

Doha Airport


Doha Bank: this bank is located in Doha, Qatar, and is 7.2 miles from the airport. This bank is closed from Friday to Saturday, and it only works from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 1 PM.

Telephone number: +974 4425 7650

In this article, we answered the most common questions that tourists and fans might have about their travel to Qatar. Was this information helpful to you? 

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